Monday, February 26, 2007

Day 5

For my many readers:

I am having a Boomtown Rats kind of day. I feel monumentally tired despite nearly regular amounts of sleep. Lack of focus persists. I am also having problems with short-term memory. I haven't really been edgey, but I have visible signs of physical stress (i.e. inquiries to my health and well-being.) Speaking of which, an angel on my shoulder pointed out to me that green tea still has caffeine. It has 15mg per serving compared to coffee's 115mg. So it is closer on the scale to a cup of decaf at 5mg. In other words, the 15mg is still a negligble amount to someone with my tolerance. And the idea is "reduction" since it is obvious to me now that a full detox may kill me. I should also mention that this seems to be affecting my short-term memory. Well, onward Christian soldiers!

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Lucidiocy said...

Have you watched "Thank You For Smoking"? I'm afraid I that amount of tolerance.

I've had an ocular migraine for 4 days straight. I feel like Columbo, holding my eye in to think.

I keep telling myself to Butch up.

Happy Monday,