Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Day 7

Yesterday I tried waiting until 2PM to have my 2 cups. This backfired. The resulting crash at 3PM was twice as bad, and increased my cravings dramatically. So I am back to having my two cups in the morning. You would think that after a week my body would start to reset. Not so much. I found myself trolling coffee related websites late last night. Behold the Kitchenaid Pro Line Series coffemaker and the matching burr grinder mill (they really do match, for whatever reason the pictures show the two available colors instead of the same color):

The coffee maker evokes the practicality of the iconic Bunn-O-Matic with a modern kitchen flair, plus it has every function you can imagine! Well, except pause-n-serve (though admitedly that often ends up malfunctioning,) and of course the built-in grinder of which I am not a fan. Especially since you don't get the control you would with a free standing grinder such as this little beauty. With settings for automatic drip, french press, and espresso. And burr grinders that won't transfer heat to the coffee grounds ensuring you get the freshest flavor! Of course all this quality comes at a price. Approximately $500 for the set. I am not sure if this is venturing into the realm of coveting, but a boy can dream can't he?

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