Friday, February 16, 2007

New and Improved!

I am enjoying the changes on Blogger. This is finally starting to look how I envisioned it. And I can have subject tags! Which is a blessing and a curse. Now you can find all your favorite topics in one click, but on the other hand will I now start writing to the already specified topics? I generally stick to the same themes anyway, but there is still some deviation from the norm. I would rather keep things nice and neat like this. Even if I do start writing to the topics, I will eventually adjust and just write freestyle again.

I have not updated Ultrahip yet, but will finally be able to make the changes I have been meaning to there. It is actually compelling me to write on these things again. I guess that is a good thing for my few loyal readers. I guess I should start telling people I am back up and running.

Meh, they'll figure it out.

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