Thursday, February 15, 2007

New Self Potrait

The official title is "Chris: A self portrait in varying degrees of reality." This was pretty spontaneous, and nowhere near how I had sketched it. Even how I saw this in my mind was different. I saw it being tighter with more color. But as the abstract layer happened, I reached a point where it was balanced with a lot of paper still showing. And I almost left it like this (inset.) But even though I liked it, I knew I wanted the line elements over top. So I kept going. And honestly did not intend for the left and right halves of the line portrait to be on different scales and different details. It was hard enough trying to ignore the abstract level. So I had to use some pencil, which I wanted to avoid. But I kept it loose. And I painted the left half (right half of my face) nice and neat, but the left eye turned out more like the sketch so I ran with it and painted the left side withe the sketch lines where they lie. I also added the layout marks to indicate this was the sketch level and because they worked with the composition. I had loose layout marks I more or less ignored, so the ones you see where added after the fact. And the blue hash marks were originally intended on the abstract level, but I am glad they wound up with the lines. So I think the end result was better than the sketch or the second mental concept. And it definitely stayed true to the intention of not laying out the painting in detail and just working with what happened. The secondary intent was to use bright happy colors and still evoke a somber emotion, which I feel I accomplished well enough.

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