Friday, February 16, 2007

Tentatively Jupiter

It's time again to play name that goldfish. Harriet, my axe murdering goldfish, died around Thanksgiving, but I wanted to wait until after the holidays to get a new fish. She was two and a half and my longest lived goldfish. She also had the highest death toll for tankmates. So about two weeks ago I got this big guy. He's about twice as big as any goldfish I have had before. He is essentially a fancy carp. If you don't get some of the references below, you're out of luck. I'm not explaining anything. Most of them have to do with how big he is, but not all of them. As always I am also open to new suggestions.

Potential names:

Jupiter W. Zeus (W is for Woden. Potential nickname "J.Z." But would just be called Jupiter.)

Joopiter (sic) (The "sic" would be part of the name.)

Planet Jupiter

Dr. Spaceman (pronounced speh-CHEH-min)

General Sherman

I's Turtles All the Way Down

Through an Aquarium Darkly

Yaris A. Yugo (A is for Aveo)

Get In My Belly


Poor Chucky




Apache Chief

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pezda said...

What name has been officially bestowed upon this magnificent creature?