Monday, February 19, 2007

Why I want to be a Honda Element

I want to be a Honda Element. Not own one. I want to BE one. I want to be so ugly that you hate me, until after a while I start to grow on you and finally you think I am actually kind of cool. So cool that you want to embrace my ugliness and call me your own and scoff at those who still think I am ugly.

I want you to take me mountain biking. I love biking. We can stick to the trails if you want, but I wouldn't mind jumping a few tree roots or sliding down some steep embankments. I am flexible, I'll be up for anything!

Have you ever been snowboarding? I have never been snowboarding. I have been skiing, but snowboarding is so young and exciting. Do you want try snowboarding with me? And you're a DJ too! Maybe you spin at some underground club at night. Or just have house parties with your friends. I used to be hip like that, but I am not that out of touch. We could rock if we hung out together.

I can compartmentalize your life and inspire you to be creative. I can embrace your organized and Bohemian sides. I can yhelp you be the man AND stick it to the man.

It took me a while to understand that I did not want to own this vehicle, but to capture the essence of the person they are marketing it to. To allow myself to be the Element. To embrace the tao of it. To be 10 years younger, active, brash and acceptably rebellious.

Instead I have let myself become a last generation Honda Civic with a dent in each bumper. Safe, practical, unassertive, ubiquitous, unambitious, and quite frankly letting myself go a little bit. I do not want to be a Honda Civic. I want to be a Honda Element!

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