Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Cotton Mouth King

It is day whatever. I am foggier than ever. I am sleepy sleepy tired. I fell asleep at work around 4PM the other day. Today I had an afternoon meeting and started to drift off just when they asked me a question. Fortunately I had four years of training in answering questions while sleep deprived. I came home and took a nap. And I have been waking up with my tongue glued to the roof of my mouth. I have been drinking more water, but it just isn't sticking. I end up processing it before it does me any good and I end up parched again. Imagine a miserable all-day hangover from a best-friend's-wedding team-won-the-championship spring-break-during-mardi-gras trying-to-forget-the-chick-you-slept-with-used-to-be-a-dude-and-is actually-your-second-cousin kinda night of drinking. Then imagine what you would feel like the day after the hangover. That is what I have felt like for the past two weeks. So if I don't post a lot, please understand. My brain is mush and I am sleepy sleepy tired.


pezda said...

I think a mushy brain and sleepy, sleepy would lead to more insightful and intuitive posts. Or gibberish.

Evil Genius said...

Then mush inspired gibberish you shall receive!

EGEG said...

EG, the run from "best-friend's-wedding" to "actually your second cousin" is one of the best _ever_! As L has said, "Kookie-koo, you are the besticle!"

Lucidiocy said...


poor thing.

T~ peels you a grape