Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Hellfish Bonanza

OK, so here are some more paintings. Well, "33" I've posted already, but now it is matted*. The next one is "Margaret from Memory" (1994.) And the bottom is "Triple Sea Scape - Small" (2006.) These are going to be shown at my nephew's prestigious school for snotty girls and mamma's boys. So maybe some parent with more money than sense will buy one. If so Margaret will be priced to sell. The others will be priced to match the venue. I am not expecting to move any product. My nephew and sister-in-law are just so proud and excited that I wanted to do it for them. I would rather someone with a serious eye take note of them and none be sold. I actually don't want to let go of any of them. Does that make me a bad artist?

*Pezda my sincerest apologies. I had only a few day's notice to get these done. If any of these actually do sell, they will be shipped to you to complete the framing. Especially Pluto (not shown.) It took me close to an hour to get the guy at the frame shop to understand the special matting I had envisioned. It will be done tomorrow, and hopefully they'll get it right. If so I will amend this post to include it.

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Lucidiocy said...

The matting /framing look great, really does make the art look polished.

don't be married to your art, sell it. In fact, be married to your muse and then