Thursday, March 29, 2007

Sapid Daedal Ardor

1. sapid daedal ardor

With sapid daedal ardor I write to slip beyond the belvederian architecture of my mind and let my prolix spirit bound free across the boundless expanses and beyond the limits of redundancy and obfuscation. Though long muted by the uncertainty of things, I now vanquish the tenebrous grip of self imposed oppression. I strain against thesaurian constraints to express the unexpressable concepts of oxymoronical ciruclar inspiration. I hold my spell check in disdain and process my own words. I spin in crane shot pull out atop a zigurat of justice, righteousness and victory screaming to the universe to be heard and acknowledeged. I am a force of nature! I am a rock and roll astronaut! I am bald! And one day I will be able to shoot laser beams out of my eyes by sheer force of will! etc, etc.


pezda said...

Wait, you can't shoot laserbeam out of your ocular units yet? Slacker.

Evil Genius said...


I usually have a quick learning curve, it is the force of will I am lacking.


Plus my health care doesn't cover vision.