Thursday, March 22, 2007

Search for the Funniest Movie Ever

Candidate #2: VOLUNTEERS

Pros: There was a time when Tom Hanks wasn't arrogant except in character. Plus he actually married Rita Wilson, and they haven't gotten divorced! This movie also features John Candy in a brilliant supporting role. Steals from the following classic movies with knowing nods: Casablanca, Bridge Over the River Kwai, and Lawrence of Arabia. Star Wars geek note: the actress who plays Lucille (Rucirre) is named Shakti.

Favorite Quote: "In two weeks, I'll have this place looking like Pittsburgh."

Cons: More racial humor than necessary, even for a 60's piece. No frontal nudity. Poor pacing and a voice over denouement.

Is this the funniest movie ever? No. But it is funny. Probably funnier than you would give it credit for even.


Anonymous said...

funniest movie ever??? difficult to say, as i have noticed that even the funniest seem to lose some of their potency over time. dr. strangelove, fear of a black hat, and clerks to name a few!

Evil Genius said...

Well, I thought I would be able to milk this for a few more posts before someone caught the obvious flaw in my plan. And I was certain it would be EGEG naively pointing these facts out in a good natured observation. But yes, Jean Luc, there is no such thing as the funniest movie ever. And your reason above, the shelf life of a comedy, is one of the main reasons. And you have indirectly pointed out the other major reason - subjectivity. I would never put Fear of a Black Hat in consideration (honestly don't know many who would,) but I know this is one of you favorites. And my personal biases are just as subjective.

So if this topic resurfaces it will be greatly revised in a non-Grant-Miller format and with the subjectivity of the exercise made clearer.

Anonymous said...

With the above in mind, I can conclusively say that the funniest movie ever is, with out a doubt, Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Anyone who says otherwise is just wrong and ignorant. And ugly.

Prophet of Pwnage said...

Ok fine I'm sorry I called you ugly.

Evil Genius said...

Dear Prophet:

No offense taken. I was just under the impression no one was interested in this post!