Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Simpsons Quote of the Week

"Homer, my eyes are up here."
-Carmen Electra being ogled by Homer

"I've made my choice."
-Homer continuing to ogle


Lucidiocy said...

you could have done better than that.


Lucidiocy said...

of course it was a little funny.

Evil Genius said...

I am sorry to disappoint you, Tamar. Did you read my post below? I am working with what I got here. In further defense: the delivery of these lines comes across much better, and if you were given that choice what decision would you make? Vapid, glassy eyes or freakishly large fake boobs that are like a car accident? So yes, it isn't the Simpsons best work. The episode itself is horrible. But the wit of that line got to me in spite of the underlying sexism. It has an undeniable Homerness to it.

I'll dig deeper next time.

Lucidiocy said...

Aw, EG,

I'm just ribbing you. It really is funny. I've thoroughly enjoyed your quotes.