Tuesday, March 27, 2007

"Sing me to sleep. Sing me to sleep. I'm tired and I...I want to go to bed."

For clarification, I am not currently experiencing insomnia. I have just been in an introspective delusional depressive state. And I felt much better this morning, it gets much worse at night. I have been getting enough sleep by the clock, but I still wake up exhausted mentally. So it is almost as if I am sleep deprived. And my mind is racing at night, but not in any coherent fashion. So it isn't stress. Caffeine withdrawals probably exacerbate it. I have to put up a good front at work, which is probably why it is even worse at night. But I got to see a friend tonight. That helped tremendously. Oh, and I shaved my head again. Clean down to skin. I'll have to take a new picture to post.

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Lucidiocy said...


I could bore you sane.

Brad's blog is my favorite mental defective rantfest: http://bradfidler.com/

Don't be sad.

~hands you a daisy