Monday, March 19, 2007

The Smiths Lyric of the Week

"Though I might walk home alone, yeah I might walk home alone. But my faith in love is still devout."

-Rusholme Ruffians


Lucidiocy said...

EG! Holy.

In order to commerate this occasion, nearly losing your life on the way to an Irish Band's gig, I give you BLACK 47 lyrics (because I can't think of any apropos Pogue lyrics)

From 'Green Suede Shoes'

Then we're comin' from Providence late one night
3 hours from home, hey life is alright
We're discussin' the demise of T Rex
Next thing we know the van is up on its ass
The windows are smashed, we're bouncin' off the Turnpike
The troopers come and haul us off the black ice
One says "Hi, my name is Kevin
It's a pleasure to meet you - Black 47"

Welcome back.

Evil Genius said...


Thanks for the spot on lyrics. And thanks for reminding me of Black 47! I'll take "Ex-girlfriends from 1994" for $200, Alex.


EGEG said...

EG - This is both the most hopeful Smiths lyric I've heard to date and pretty dang hopeful for you. Glad to hear it.

Evil Genius said...

Dear Evil Genius' Ex-Girlfriend:

You know I am a hopelss romantic; quixotic even. Though my hope, much like the Moz's, seems to come in fits and spurts and does not spring eternal. This, however, is part of my irresistable charm.


[Editor's note: "egeg" is not the ex-girlfriend mentioned in the above comment, but rather falls under the category of "Ex-girlfriends circa 2006." The eg metioned in the comment above is the red-head depicted in the painting under the post "The Hellfish Bonanza." While "egeg" (aka "red")is the red-head depicted in the black and white photograph under the post "Be Careful What You Wish For (subtitled: Shameless Plug)" [which can be found under misc. or fluff.]I hope this clears up any confusion. (Well, actually I hope it creates more confusion. Because I'm like that.)]

pezda said...

Wait - Isn't the reason he's walking home alone because his girlfriend hurled herself off of the Ferris Wheel?

egeg said...

Pezda - that's entirely possible. My knowledge of the Smiths, formerly non-existent, has been upgraded to nodding acquaintance.

Evil Genius said...

That isn't 100% correct. Morrissey is an observer in the story. And the line you are referring to is "A schoolgirl is denied./ She said, 'How quickly would I die/With a jump from the top of the Parachutes?'(grunt/wail.)" So this is not his girlfriend, but a random girl he is observing. Also made clear by the line "And someone falls in love./ And somone's beatun up./ And the senses being dulled are mine." Implying that watching these acts are equally as emotionally trying as experiencing them. However, all of these things serve to prove your overall point that this is not a hopeful song. As further evidenced by "Scratch my name on your arm with a fountain pen/ This means you really love me." Which essentially states that love is so delusional that self mutilation becomes acceptable and such demands of proof are reasonable. And then there is the sheer cleverness of "From a seat on the Whirling Waltzer/Her skirt ascends for a watchful eye/ It's a hideous trait on her mother's side." I have never really figured out what that trait may be. Vestigial tail perhaps?