Sunday, March 18, 2007

St. Christiopher and other Catholic Voo-Doo

You may be waiting for my report back from the concert, but there was no Pogues concert for me. Instead I had my own little VW ad in my Honda Civic. On the loop around Wilmington, DE - a mere half hour from Philadelphia and probably 45 minutes from the venue- I hit a patch of ice. I controlled the skid for a few seconds, but ultimately slid into the next lane and was hit by an oncoming van. The rear quarter of my car was crumpled and the passenger door was warped the window shattered in. Jean Luc suffered a cut on his hand and a small bump on his head. I only got a few bruised ribs from my seat belt. We then sat in my car, window missing, and heat cranked while I alternately called the Delaware State Police and my insurance company trying to get something to happen. About two hours later a tow truck finally arrived. This was at the same time the shuttle for the hotel arrived. The taxis weren't running, but this guy braved the weather to come get us and drag us to the Courtyard Marriott. In the morning I was finally able to arrange for a rental and was lucky enough to procure the last available vehicle in the state, a Chrysler Aspen. This is a new model vehicle and for those who are not familiar with it, it is roughly the size of the state of Delaware. It is a luxury panel van. The damn thing actually beeps when you put it in reverse! I have to hire a couple of longshoremen to help me park it. Here is a picture of one coming out of dry dock.

And I can't trade it in here. No, no. I have to take it back to Wilmington. Which, if they can fix Black Beauty will be fine, since she is now stuck there until further notice. There is a chance that they may total my car. If that is the case, I will have to make other arrangements. But until then I am resplendent in upper middle class suburban glory.

The tragedy of this is that my friend had been waiting over a decade for his chance to see this band live and had flown in for this occasion. I feel horrible for this. I know the weather was bad and several motorists lost their lives that night, so I truly am thankful. But God, the universe, and karma were trying to teach me something here. I am not sure what. But until I figure that out I will just layer more guilt upon my soul. For whether it was zigging instead of zagging, opting to see the concert in Philly over Chicago for the benefit of my convenience, or even agreeing to the whole trip in general I still feel on some level I did something wrong. And I definitely feel guilty for cheating Luc out of this opportunity.

We did have a fine night out for St. Patrick's Day and chose a bar within stumbling distance from my place. So that was some consolation. And my life is continuing on. So it was not a good weekend, but I am very thankful that it wasn't worse.


Anonymous said...

how's poor jean luc doing?

Evil Genius said...

Dear "anonymous":

Jean Luc made it safely back to Chicagoland despite suffering minor lacerations on his right hand, a cranial contusion approximately 3 cm in diameter, and potential bruised ribs. I thoughts and prayers go out to him. Thank you for asking "anonymous."