Thursday, March 22, 2007

Stimulating the U.S. Economy

I was just washing dishes and became very happy again about the set of four 10 oz. Pyrex dessert dishes that I bought at the hardware store. Why did I buy them at the hardware store? It was kind of an impulse buy. Mind you this is a city hardware store and is more like a mini Target than a mini Home Depot. I went there to get a key made for work and they were out of the blanks for that particular style of key. It was the end of the day and I wasn't going back to the office so I started browsing. They have small appliances and kitchen gadgets. There were some items I had a relative need for, but a light bulb went off when I saw these (metaphorically speaking of course. I know it's a hardware store, but stop taking things so literally!). Why do these make me happy? They are the perfect vessels for two of my regular eating habits. 1. They are a great size to decant the giant jars of Safeway salsa I buy for easy dipping. 2. They are also a good size to microwave scrambled eggs in (or scrambled egg substitute now that I have the cholesterol thing going on.) They claim to be microwave safe and are roughly the diameter of an English muffin (I prefer the honey wheat ones.) I have not tested this out yet, but my hopes are high. Slap some turkey bacon and 2% cheese-product on there and you have something that lies exactly in the middle of healthy and palatable.

The bacon is of course made on my George Foreman Grill. A product whose virtues I will extol on same later date. I have cooked fillet mignon on my Foreman. I would cook soup on my Foreman if it were vaguely feasible. I digress.

The other odd purchase I made recently is the ugliest vacuum cleaner in the world. I bought this at Target the other night. I just now ran out to get it out of my trunk. (I had this fear I would return the rental with this vacuum in the trunk.) My 10 year-old Dirt Devil went tits up the other day. Vacuuming was not a major concern when I had the Crate and Barrel natural fiber rug. But since my brother gave me this swanky Persian-style number that fit perfectly in some room or other of his two houses ago but now was just taking up space in his basement, I have to worry about actually taking care of it. The funny thing is, when I was visiting my other brother (the usual recipient of the household hand-me-downs) I noticed he has the matching runner in his hallway. Back to my Eureka- I am a sucker for anything this ugly. It is metallic avocado green with light gray accents! Just look at it. It also serves all the functional functions I need and has a powerful 12 amp motor. But what it didn't have was a home. Poor ugly little vacuum, you won't be left on the shelf now! Other may pass you up for some shiny red model with a powerful headlight, but you are the one for me. I swear, I have a King Moonracer complex.

I may have also purchased some CD's. Give me a break. I don't have my XM, and without coffee I need to get a fix somewhere!


Grant Miller said...

I think Pyrex makes an ovenmit that is wicked kick ass. You can put your hand in a flame and be totally fine.

Additionally, I'm a big fan of vacuum cleaners. You know that one English dude that does those late night commercials that compares his super revolutionary vacuum to like a Mercedes? That dude is way into vacuums.

Evil Genius said...


Oven mitt! Of course! As soon as the skin off my ass they grafted onto my hand heals, I am buying one and trying the flame thing again.

As for the Eureka Optima, it sucks -which is a good thing in this case. But everytime the filter clogs it loses suction. You think someone would find a way around that. Even if it took several prototypes to figure out.