Tuesday, March 20, 2007

What I Named my Goldfish

I am now anouncing the official-official name of my goldfish. His name is officially- officially "Revenge of." He will still retain "Mish-Mish" as a nickname because when my 6 year-old nephew inevitably asks his name, there is no way I will be able to succinctly explain the concept and the rationale to him. Besides, my sister-in-law shelters him so much "revenge" would be considered a bad word. This name will also apply to similar visitors to whom I do not want to reveal the depths of my insainity. And as a tribute to his drawn-out naming process (the longest since my third goldfish, The Fish With No Name) he will retain the secondary nickname of "The Goldfish Formerly Known as Jupiter." Which, as most of you know, is the second Prince reference in the annals of my golfish nomenclature (the first of course being "Sexy MF" who actually bore a resemblance to Mr. Rogers-Nelson.) Who knew I was such a big Prince fan?

So, why "Revenge of?" If you clicked on the link of my recent incoherent ramblings, or were into alternative music in the late 80's/early 90's you already know why. If you don't have at least that level of interest, then there is no use in me explaining it further. And you should probably stop reading my blog all together. Now the underlying rationale has nothing to do with existing pop culture, it has to do with my high-concept, constantly under revision of plot and media format, perennially procrostinated pop-surreal cartoon/novel/graphic novel/movie/web-based whatever The Goldfish Show. Since I have been systematically devising a soundtrack, this name works much better is it allows the use of "Two Worlds Collide." A very dramatic piece which would suit the tense plot driven by such a name as "Revenge of." Though I am not sure any actual vengance would be involved.

And then a duck rode by on a Vespa...


pezda said...

I recently came across Revenge Of... in my cd collection. In light of recent events I'll have to give it a listen.

egeg said...

I don't know if I'll ever again see a Vespa and not think of you.