Sunday, September 02, 2007

Disclamer (Retro Blogging - draft 4/16/07)

We here at WILATU would like to take a moment to clarify that we are not responsible for, nor do we necessarily share the views of any comments left on this or any other blog under the name "Red" or "EGEG" (Evil Genius' Ex-Girlfriend.) We fully support Red and her freedom of expression and welcome her comments and all comments here on WILATU. But if she writes some crazy shit in the comments on your blog that doesn't quite make sense or refers back to me for no apparent reason, please be aware that I have nothing to do with it and no control over it; she is my EX-girlfriend. Thank you for your understanding.

Just because I can, this is the worst picture I could find of her... (actually it is the second or third worst, I am not that evil.)

Note: To be fair, this post shows one of the best pictures of Red. It is also oddly relevant as the movie in question is finally being released under the name The Invasion.


Doc said...

She looks charming, but perhaps a bit vapid.


GETkristiLOVE said...

That bitch must be crazy to let a genius slip through her grasps.

Evil Genius said...


Actually, quite the opposite.


Actually, quite the opposite.