Thursday, April 12, 2007

Voice of the radical middle

There has been a lot of talk recently about potential presidential candidates. And as you know I have been doing some serious research of my own. I know many of my readers are bleeding heart liberals and staunch Democrats (which is fine,) but perhaps you have been wondering where the allegiances of the radical middle lie? As you know I detest partisan politics. This is not how things get done.* I am sure Al Gore has valid points about global warming, but Republicans automatically debunk it as hype and Democratic rhetoric which they must vehemently oppose. And Democrats are no more enlightened about Republican views. So who is a guy like me supposed to vote for?

Senator Clinton? From my understanding her entire platform consists of as much Turkish delight as Americans want, whenever they want it.

Rudolph? On paper he matches a lot of my views, but I can stand how brash and arrogant he comes across.

The line in Vegas still has Al Gore as a front runner and he isn't even in the race! So if we are just allowed to pick whomever we want, I have my write-in vote: Indianapolis Colt's head coach Tony Dungy!

Here are my reasons:
1. He is a winner. America loves winners.
2. He is a former Pittsburgh Steeler.
3. He turned the Tampa Bay Buccaneers around, imagine what he could do for America!
4. Has overcome personal tragedy under the media spotlight.
5. New head of coalition forces in Iraq: Peyton Manning.
6. Bald men are sexy.

In the end, I will probably just vote for Obama and be done with it.

* It has been scientifically proven that partisan politics plays on emotion not logic.

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pezda said...

I'd vote Dungy.