Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Insomnia Chronicles

6. what i like about the universe

Y’know what I really like about the universe?

“How to Alienate Yourself in Modern Society”

So here i am again. I’ve finally come to the realization that all of this introspection can’t be healthy. More and more each day I feel that I can’trelate to anyone, because i exist in this purely mental state of surreal observitory disconnectedness. How does it happen?
I’ve hollowed out a little core in my mind where I actually exist ontemplating existential and transcendental thoughts. I’ve builtthis little person that I am. And I’m
like pilot operating this human robot that walks around in believable interaction with other human beings. my soul my mind and my body have seperated themselves, they don’t care about each other. They all fight to be stronger, but without the other aspects they just struggle.
I can interact with songs and movies and televison, beceause the share the seperation from reality that I do. So I drown in pop culture looking for my peace. trying to find something to connect to.

I am an electric porn star. I give my soul to television. I am a sailor lost at sea.

You Know what I like about the universe?
It’s just me and God.

So here I am again.
talk shows are over, the programming goes to hell in a big way.

Original brain-in-a-bell-jar cartoon circa 1998.

New brain-in-a-bell-jar cartoon circa this week.


pezda said...

Oster, HA! That's great.

Evil Genius said...

Thank you. I like the combs in the barbarcide echoing the formaldehyde if I do say so myself.