Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Insomnia Chronicles

8. 'Nilla Wafers and a new perspective

15 May 1999

A couple of hard bumps on the head later, and I’m almost back to normal. I used to think that I was losing focus on the world around me, when all I really needed was a new pair of contacts. Its’ scary what a lack of real human interaction will do to you. I’ve been reading back over the chronicles, thinking I would find self-important self-depricating hyprebullshit. The fact is that all that introspection isn’t as unhealthy as I thought. (which is disappointing in a way, becuase I wanted to critique it and see how much I’ve improved) The sad truth is that even when I was disconnected and disenfranchised, I was overall still pretty well off. My real problem is that I want to write stories around single lines like: “I was up late one night eating ‘Nilla Wafers, watching T&A movies on basic cable, and drawing sketches for surrealistic goldfish cartoons.” I think that may be a fragment, but you get the idea. I have lots of great zip, but no substance. Sort of like a walking Terantino film. If i can somehow figure out how to work some action and interaction into these spontaneous glimpses of genius, I might be able to make a story out of this yet, but as for now, I can’t imagine anyone wanting to read this.

I should probably add a few more pop culture refernces, semi-concious ramblings, and spontaneous philosophical credos, but maybe I’ll just let this serve as a transition chapter.

I’ve got to get the red fixed on my TV.

[The red on my TV never got fixed. I bought a new 27" Sony Wega flat screen (not panel) TV which I am still using.]

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pezda said...

[Son #1] saw this and said, "Mmm, 'Nilla Wafers. Can I have some?" at which point I had to go downstairs and get him some 'Nilla Wafers.