Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Me & Jasper

My friend J took this photo this weekend. I honestly thought I was smiling. Maybe I was smiling and let the expression go to soon (very difficult for me to hold.) And this pic catches me between expressions. So now it looks like I am troubled by the painting. I just wanted a photograph or something to remind me. It is overall a good picture, despite my expression, and I have been promising I would post one with the new 'do. This doesn't show it off that well, but I do like the photograph. The shaved head doesn't make that big of a difference anyway, but some people make a big deal about it. J took some other amazing photos that weren't uglied up by me. It was cool to the see the city through tourist's eyes again. There are a lot of beautiful sights I take for granted. Thanks, J.


pezda said...

You do look disturbed and vaguely uncomfortable

egeg said...

There's a great silent movie with Lillian Gish called _Broken Blossoms_. She has a profoundly unhappy life, and looks like it. Her (mean/abusive) father keeps "saying", "Give us a smile." At which point she turns up the corners of her mouth with her fingers, but her eyes still look heartbreakingly sad.

Your eyes look kinda like that. However, the first step to being happy is to choose to be. (Yeah, I'm sure you're annoyed by me saying that. I still believe it to be true.)

You still look really cute. Glad you had a good time with J.

Evil Genius said...


Your relentless optomism and "The Secret" style positivity make me entertain thoughts of auburnocide. Odd...I think I may have just smiled for a moment.


egeg said...

Auburnocide, hmm? Well, "the more you love someone, the more you want to kill [her]". AVENUE Q

Evil Genius said...

Do we have to do this here in front of the kids?