Thursday, April 12, 2007

Revenge of "Revenge of"

Revenge is doing better this morning. I had to read up on what was going on. (Yes, I have goldfish books.) He was in osmotic shock from new tank water. So I cranked up the aerator valve and added small doses of sea salt. [I have learned in the past that if you have snails in the tank, you don't want to add salt. Any good gardener can tell you why.] Now Revenge is moving again -not up to full breaching* speed, but he is coming out of the corner occasionally and his gills are pumping normally. Electrolytes - It's what fish crave!

*Breaching is not normal goldfish behavior. This would generally indicate that your ammonia levels are way high and the fish is trying to jump out of the tank rather than live in the putrid water which you have been too lazy to change. So I pulled out my "Doc Wellfish" junior chemistry set and checked everything out. All was normal except the carbon hardness level which holds the pH steady. I thought nothing of this until I added new water and everything went out of whack. So the weird thing is that there is chemically nothing wrong with the tank (until now) it's just that Revenge likes to breach. He will shoot down to the bottom of the tank to get up speed and then make a big splash like he is doing a Pacific Life commercial. I guess it makes sense that my goldfish is not normal.

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pezda said...

I'm glad to hear the RO is doing well, despite your best efforts to eliminate him.

Your salt comment reminded me of the Far Side where the slug family goes on vacation to the Great Salt Lake.