Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Sapid Daedal Ardor


I am sailing above the clouds. I am aerodynamic. I am flying. There is Placebo in my ears. There is Skull Candy. I made a deal with God. I have gotten him to swap our places. I am sailing a cumulus sea. My mind dreams of conquest:

- First Class attendant with glasses.
- Girl at the gate; impossible smile.
- Dream on black girl; nice ass.

Bold dreams for a weak nerve. I am sailing to Colorado. "Mariner" sailing to see mariner. Viking, Voyager, Astronaut (Rock and Roll.) Air is a fluid, it is dynamic. I offer no resistance.

Sledgehammer coffee. Tiny coffee. More coffee. DC coffee. Cinci coffee. Denver coffee. (I will put the damn de-icer nozzle on the wing already! Just give me some channel locks and some Teflon tape.) Boarding zones 1 & 2. Check your pass. Shit! Zone 9. Fish taco, fish taco. Gulp.

Airborne. Underway. Steaming. Motoring. Jetting. A heartbreaking work, genius staggering. Descent. This is Kentucky, I know it. You can't fool me.

Hang on Paradise, Moriarty is coming.

Footnotes to conquest dreams:

- Attendant: 5 hrs into it, I have deemed that she would be getting the better deal.
- Black Girl: Francophone. Nigerian? Ass pales in comparison to rack. Maintenance level: very high.
- Gate 15 Girl: Noxema fresh face still glowing healthy in my mind. So attached to her cell. Never a window. I would be an intrusion into her 23 year-old life at any rate.

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