Tuesday, April 03, 2007

T-3 Days to Coffee

Should I stay on the wagon? Probably. But I am tired of fighting it. It has been affecting my work. It is still a battle every day, even though it has gotten ever so slightly easier. I would need a few months at Betty Ford to really get the monkey of my back. On the plus side I have lowered my tolerance! So when I finally do enjoy that third cup, I may not need five more to get me through the day. I can have four cups and still be singing a happy song.


Grant Miller said...

I think I would rather die than give up coffee.

pezda said...

Are you familiar with the Coffee Song by Soul Coughing? It's a Sinatra cover.

Evil Genius said...


I asked a coworker to shoot me today.


The link was to K's Choice, but the Coffee Song was a close runner up. But I was only aware of my man Francis' version. One more reason to like M. Doughty et al.