Wednesday, April 11, 2007

What I Don't Like About the Universe

I am having a bad day. I did not sleep too well last night and came into work dragging this morning, but have been blitzed all day with bullshit. Not a good combination. I tried to sneak home for lunch and was excited to see my Twin Peaks Season 2 DVDs had arrived, but then was alarmed to see that Revenge was upside down and stuck behind a rock. I set him free and he started swimming fairly normally, so hopefully he was just being stupid and isn't sick. I just cleaned the tank last night! (Which also confirmed that Lenny, the algae eater is dead.) I also needed a USB cable to upload pics from work. (The pic of Lenny was also on the camera.) And then I got a call from the office, my coworkers were looking for me to go to lunch with them, so I just met them out forgetting that I already had a Marie Callendar's (which I never knew was an actual restaurant until Lulu set me straight) frozen pot pie in the microwave. So that will be waiting for me when I get home. MSN had an article about an extra-solar planet that has water in it's atmosphere which I thought may make an interesting "astronaut stuff" post, but even I found it boring. There was a much better article about Stephen Hawking. My land line and cell phone have been ringing at the same time. I just finally gave up and said I am taking 5 minutes to blog and vent. You have no idea how inane my job is. This is not a highly skilled position. You just need common sense and organization. You pick up on the rest pretty quickly. I didn't even get out the door this morning before my cell phone started ringing with stupid questions. I have been writing the same four-line letter all day due to various interruptions. Even now I am writing this post wit the same interruptions. And you have no idea how dispassionate I am about my job. much like recommended in "Heat," I could walk away from this in two minutes flat. So days like today tend to push my buttons. The "Y" vein in my forehead is throbbing. I want to do aerodynamics experiments on my Blackberry (I'm guessing that it has considerable drag, but that is an unproven assumption.) I wish I could Irish up my coffee. And then when I was at lunch with my coworkers one of our other office mates showed up. He is a normal guy. I hate normal guys. I cannot connect with him in anyway, and I can sense his equal unease around me. He speaks knowledgeably about college basketball and investment properties. He has a wife and 2 kids. He jogs and wears nice wrist watches. He is the kind of guy that makes me evil. My eye is probably twitching right now. He says, "Well I don't want to hold you guys up." When he means, "I have to go, because you are holding me up." He isn't the worst regular guy I have ever met, but he caught me on a bad day. Thank God I have David Lynch to rescue me from normalcy and drudgery when I get home. I just hope that Revenge is OK. I will be so pissed if he dies. I wouldn't even know what to do with the body. He is too big to be flushable. It would be too weird to bury a goldfish. I guess I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.


Lucidiocy said...

~pours you a nice cuppa joe

Evil Genius said...

Thanks, T.

pezda said...

I don't know how I completely missed this post. You know, you could probably find an equally infuriating job in a much more affordable market, say Columbus perhaps. Just a suggestion.