Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Donnie Darko: Theatrical Version vs. Director's Cut

Director's Cut: There are some extended scenes which don't do much. And there are all these nifty little excerpts from "The Philosophy of Time Travel" by "Grandma Death" which over-explain what is going on. But these are minor details compared to the "Greedo shot first" of Donnie Darko - it doesn't open with Echo & the Bunnymen's "The Killing Moon!" Instead it saves this masterpiece of angst-ridden college rock for the climax. It makes more sense here, but INXS's "Never Tear Us Apart" doesn't give the opening the gravity that weighs throughout the film. Perhaps they could have just swapped The Church's "Under the Milkyway" from the original climax. Or hell, just use Echo twice!

Theatrical Version: You know at best this is a B+ movie to begin with. And I just wasted two Netflix picks and two evenings watching it again. I fell asleep at the same point during both - right when his girlfriend falls asleep in the movie theater. And please don't let me start going off on Drew Barrymore again. Drew Barrymore in shoulder pads no less!

I am not sure I even want to continue this whole movie comparison series, though I have plenty of material for it. Some I've already seen and more in my queue. I may go back to doing "Funniest Movie Ever." I am really disappointed in the state of my own blog of late. I have no spark left. And I have been opting for quantity over quality. And with my glitch-tastic computer it is harder and harder to even slap a photo up. I wish I had some tidy way of wrapping this up, but that's it. I am just rambling on about stupid crap. I should be out living life! ...Or at least looking at porn.

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