Sunday, May 06, 2007

Fever Pitch: US vs. UK

US: Obviously got the Hollywood treatment. Slicker and more superficial. How am I supposed to care what happens to Jimmy Fallon? If he looses the girl I really don't care. There will be seven more lined up behind her. And I could care even less about Drew Barrymore. Does she get roles in movies not produced by herself or Adam Sandler? And does anyone think she is that attractive? On the plus side it was funnier. Also more dramatic as the BoSox had a significantly longer dry spell. In fact, their winning the series was so unbelievable that the originally ending had them losing, but had to be re-written as they were filming. Go Sox! (It is the Cubbies turn next!)

UK: I really dig this chick. She blows doors on Drew. Why can't there be American actresses like her? The flashbacks were a much better device than the voice over used in the US version. I could easily imagine Colin Firth was Nick Hornby. Overall a more artistic film. But is that really what you should be going for with a sports fanatic romantic comedy?

It would be much easier to say that the UK version is superior, especially in its Fallonlessness and Barrymorelessness. It is, after all the real story. But like The Magnificent Seven spawned from The Seven Samurai, I think the US version is more entertaining. So sue me.


pezda said...

OK. You will be hearing from my lawyers, as it should be unconstitutional to make movies this bad.

Evil Genius said...

Oh, come on. It wasn't that bad. It wasn't like "Face-Off."

lulu said...

Did someone say Colin Firth? Where?

Anonymous said...

_Face Off_ - arguably the WORST MOVIE EVER!

Evil Genius said...


No. I said Colin Farrel! ( It is the new Bill Paxton/Bill Pullman.)



lulu said...

I distinctly heard Colin Firth. Are you saying that Mr Darcy is no where around? Damn it.

Evil Genius said...


You got me! I was just messin' with you. I did say...his name. I didn't mean to get you all in a dither! But I understand. there are plenty of celebs that get me all worked up. Mr. Firth is not one of them.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to hunt some more lolcats.