Thursday, May 24, 2007

Grant's High School Annual Thing (version1)

My Yearbook Entry To You.

Just fill in the blanks to make your very own yearbook entry from Grant Miller Media! Feel free to print and paste it in your own yearbook or blog:

Dear Chris,

This year was A-W-E-SOME! I'm so glad we sat together in a chronic depressive state. That was so -R-A-D! Remember how the orderly always got drool all over his shirt during class? That was majorly grote!

I can't believe this year is almost over! It seems like just last week we were "experimenting" in your mom's pills! Remember that? Wasn't that funny when your dad caught us and pulled out his Glock? You were so freaked! Did you ever get that skid mark out of your drawers? Just fuckin' wit ya!

Whatever you do, don't ever forget Spring Break 2007! It was so bitchin' down in upstate New York with the white boys flashing their gang signs. Even you got to be a bad-ass. Me and the voices in my head had a bet that you'd never kill a man in cold blood but you did! Wicked kool! And the Xanax down in Schenectady was so fuckin' cheap and mellow. Legal too, bro!

I hope you have a kewl summer 'n' shit. I'm sure we'll join group together or sumtin'. If not, I'll see you next time you're in rehab. Don't forget to pack your special "shaving cream" canister you fuckin' junkie!

But seriously, I couldn't have made it w/out serious therapy. I've seen a lot of shit and we've had our ups and downs, but I always knew I could bring you back down into the depths of torment, anguish and anxiety any time I wanted. Thanks for being a co-dependent friend.

If you ever need a boosted 'script pad just holla!

Grant Miller, Esq.


Grant Miller said...

Great job. These are all really funny.

pezda said...

I concur

Evil Genius said...

I do not know how to handle sincere praise. I may have to shut the site down now.