Thursday, May 24, 2007

Grant's High School Annual Thing (version 3)

My Yearbook Entry To You.

Just fill in the blanks to make your very own yearbook entry from Grant Miller Media! Feel free to print and paste it in your own yearbook or blog:

Dear Bernard Sumner,

This year was A-W-E-SOME! I'm so glad we sat together in A Lonely Place. That was so -R-A-D! Remember how Peter Hook always got anonymity all over his shirt during class? That was majorly grote!

I can't believe this year is almost over! It seems like just 1984 we were playing live in your mom's Hacienda! Remember that? Wasn't that funny when your dad was Waiting for the Siren's Call and pulled out his Power, Corruption & Lies? You were so Touched by the Hand of God. Did you ever get that Substance out of your Dead Souls? Just fuckin' wit ya!

Whatever you do, don't ever forget Spring Break 2007! It was so bitchin' down in Manchester with the Love Vigalantes flashing their Temptation. Even you got involved in a Bizarre Love Triangle. Me and Gillian had a bet that you'd never go Round & Round but you did! Wicked kool! And the Crystal down in the Factory office was so fuckin' cheap and Spooky. Legal too, bro!

I hope you have a kewl summer 'n' shit. I'm sure we'll be Getting Away With It together or sumtin'. If not, I'll see you next time we have the World in Motion. Don't forget to pack your True Faith you fuckin' Low-life!

But seriously, I couldn't have made it w/out Thieves Like Us. I've seen a lot of Regret and we've had our ups and downs, but I always knew I could waste a Blue Monday with you any time I wanted. Thanks for being an Age of Consent friend.

If you ever need The Perfect Kiss just holla!

Grant Miller, Esq.


pezda said...

I'm not sure if Everyone Everywhere will get this. New Order is part of a Subculture that seemed to be Ruined In A Day. But still, I thought it was pretty Krafty.

Evil Genius said...


Kudos. This was hard enough the first time, I can't muster up any more for a reply.

Grant Miller said...

Blue Monday might be the best song ever. And Those early NO albums are just about perfect. Even their recent ones are pretty good.

egeg said...

This is so f'ing YOU it kills me. Couldn't not comment. You might be amused that a colleague from the show I'm doing now said something like (can't remember exactly), "So what's with you and 70s/80s semi-obscure music references?" I mentioned that I wouldn't have known much about them at all a few years ago.

The funny thing is that if you ask him what he listens to, he'll say, "Alternative," but U2 is maybe his favorite band. Bet he's never had a Girlfriend in a Coma.

Evil Genius said...


That sounds like an interesting topic to discuss in a forum devoted to all things beyond cool.


"Couldn't not comment" is so f'ing you.