Saturday, June 16, 2007

Aww, Aww Yeah!!!

Thanks to Big Orange for reminding me of this.


kirby said...


pezda said...

Man, what I wouldn't give for $240 worth of pudding. Except for maybe $240.

Big Orange said...

You're welcome. Anythin' for puddin'.

Big Orange said...

Uh.... is this supposed to be funny, or is it just a non-sequitor?

Big Orange said...

help me throw Mt. Hood into the ocean!! and all will be fine!!

Evil Genius said...

Big Orange,

This was supposed to be funny. The previous post was non-sequitor. I used to like the Sate and this still makes me laugh, or at least wax nostalgic.

I have been reading your recent posts and applaud and am intrigued by your logical experiment to disprove the existence of God. But I do have faith and continue to believe in God, and will continue to believe whether Mt. Hood goes in the ocean or not. I am pretty sure that is what faith means - to believe without reason. So while I would love to participate, it would be pretty hypocritical of me to do so. I am sure you will get the result you are looking for without me. To be clear, I am not trying to condemn or mock you in any way. It is good to question God, faith, and religion. And I like thinking about the points you raise as a chance to reflect on what I believe in.

But since I have disqualified myself from the experiment, can I choose to pray for an end to Autism on September 16 instead?


Big Orange said...


Are you sure? it's a reeeal cool Official Seal!! :)

actually, EG, you have just raised some fascinating points yourself that hit me upside the head while I was cleaning crumbs out of the bottom of the toaster (Flannery was reading me your comments). I shall highlight you sometime soon in a post I'm thinking of calling "What's to be Done with Evil Genius??"

I'll make ya' famous.

Fang said...

I'm not trying to be an asshole or anything, but isn't it kind of hypocritcal to proclaim faith in God under the name "Evil Genius"? Unless you have faith in Him and are planning to undo His good works...

What is your explanation? Or were you being ironic?

Blowing Shit Up With Gas said...

"I am pretty sure that is what faith means - to believe without reason."

Just FYI- Ayn Rand would not approve of this. (I'm trying to incorporate more Rand into my comments.) (Actually, that's not true. I just didn't have anything else to say.)

Winter said...

This is all too "Cartesian philosophy" for me.

Flannery Alden said...

Puddinnnnn, indeed.

Evil Genius said...

OK, let's see...


I couldn't have said it better myself.


Are you in for $120?

Big Orange,

Thanks. I'd rather be famous than righteous or holy any day! (And the seal does kick ass.)


My screen name is ironic. There is very little about me that even borders on evil. The unflinching journalism of Grant Miller Media blew the cover on that story a while back.


I hate to admit this to you, but Ayn and I disagree on a lot of things.


I was just talking about puddin'. Mt. Hood came to Mohamed.


Thanks for bringing it full circle.

-"Evil" Genius

GETkristiLOVE said...

It looks like vanilla to me. I'm partial to butterscotch myself.

Evil Genius said...


$240 worth of butterscotch pudding?