Thursday, June 21, 2007

Killer Story

Excerpt from my Morrissey concert post:
And then the coup de grace. For the encore he played "Please,Please,Please..." I welled up. It was strange how that song hit me hard. It was surreal. It was like going home and seeing your mother's face as you remember it as a child. It was like being granted the wish of getting to be seventeen for a moment and being able to share the kiss with Molly Ringwald at the end of "Sixteen Candles."


Dale said...

Sounds like a great show from your point of view and Pezda's as well. Did you ever see the music doc. New York Doll? The song helps take your breath away at a particular moment and the film is interesting in its own right.

So I promptly put this movie in my queue. I could summarize the plot and it would sound like a schlocky Hollywood attempt at making a sincere story. However it is a wonderful documentary with real beauty. Just rent the damn movie.

Regarding "Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want," if you think John Cryer throwing playing cards into an empty hat from a bare mattress while Molly Ringwald is off snogging some soulless, pretty boy, rich dude is heartbreaking (or too painfully close to your own pathetic adolescent life to bear,) you have orders of magnitude of heartbreaking yet unseen.

The story of Arthur "Killer" Kane is even more appropriate with all the talk being thrown around about God lately. It is tragic and beautiful. It gives me hope. (Few will appreciate the weight of that last sentence.)

Thank you Dale. If you don't already, please take time to visit Passion of the Dale. In honor of this post, now linked here at WILATU.


red said...

On the subject of movie recommendations, I took in _Paris Je Taime_ last night and it has much to recommend it to both WILATU's author and readers. It's a series of 16 vignettes set in Paris. Even if you hate Paris, you might like: Natalie Portman, Maggie Gyllenhall, Elija Wood, Gus Van Sant, Wes Craven, Ethan and Joel Coen, attractive Asian chicks, or films that are mostly subtitled.

pezda said...

EG - Based entirely because you told me to, I will put this in my queue promptly.

red - Attractive asian chicks, sign me up!

Dale said...

I'm glad you liked it Evil Genius. Clearly you are a quality evil genius. I heard about this movie from Holly, interestingly, a blogger I met in person tonight.

Here's a link to what I wrote about the film at the time.

Evil Genius said...


I'll definitely check that out.


Hope you like it.


Thanks. And thanks for the recommendation. One of the most striking aspects of the film for me was watching a little naive sincerity knock the wind out of the sails of a detached air of sophistication. I also thought Morrissey would be more of a wacko. He seems only moderately eccentric compared to how I envision him.


GETkristiLOVE said...

red - that's funny, my dad just told me to rent Paris Je t'aime the other day.

So I put that one and this killer one into my queue. You and EG better not let me down or I'll check you into the boards.

red said...

GKL - I'm such a weakling it's not even funny. Although I also refuse to ice skate, at least without a man to hold onto, so you'd look pretty suspicious coming at me with a hockey stick on dry land.

Feel free to check EG any old time. Give me a heads up so I can watch ;P

Grant Miller said...

I've not seen the movie, but I love the NYD and The Cramps all thanks to Morrissey. I will have to find the movie.