Sunday, June 10, 2007

Little Help?

I am having trouble with #51-75. I am at #66. I am trying to avoid people (it is a given that my friends and family make me happy,) sexual acts or female body parts (I could name a few, but this isn't that kind of blog) and material goods (I hate to think of my happiness being tied to possessions.) So if you would like to make suggestions, or just throw something out there, be my guest. Some of you are dying to, I know.


Keegan said...

You don't have a lot of activities.

Hitting people with stuff is probably in my top 5.

Also, a sexy accent over the phone (until you see/meet the person and it destroys your whole fantasy image) (there's a story)

And what about restaurants? If you are ever in Vancouver you have to eat at Tojo's.

Blowing Shit Up With Gas said...

So weird that you posted this call for suggestions, as I actually thought of something for your list earlier today. Then I forgot it, of course. But, if I remember, I'll check back. If it were my list, though, I'd definitely have Guinness in the top 5 or so. But, you already have "good vodka," so maybe that kills the alcohol category. Maybe you just need to troll Wikipedia for like 67 hours straight. (Funny, I meant to type 6, but hit both 6 and 7 at the same time -- 67 hours is more appropriate anyway, so I left it.) Ooooh, how about "blog comments"? Everyone likes those, right?

Evil Genius said...


Too true. I went back and changed "bicycles" to riding my bike. But there is a decided lack of verbs. I think this is a flaw in my thought process in general.

When/where can we hear more about the sexy accent story?


I am trying to limit the alcohol, but Guinness may be on the list. And let me know if you remember or have anything else. I still have #76-100 to contend with after this.

red said...

Record shopping in the Village. (Maybe also records; you have CDs and casettes on there.) Also, your cds are on there, but you're enough like Rob (from _High Fidelity_) that organizing your cds probably counts as a separate thing, especially the way you have your cds organized. Museums. Seeing art. Making art. Corrupting your neices and nephews. Getting drunk now and then?

GETkristiLOVE said...

Just think about the last five times you laughed out loud or smiled like a Chesire cat, and what caused it.

lulu said...

a stack of new books
a perfect martini
when you say something weird and the other person totally gets it.

Evil Genius said...


Thanks for the help. Most of these were items I had between 51-66 or covered elsewhere. You do know me pretty well.


Unfortunately that is the point of this whole exercise. I need to accentuate the positive. But your suggestion probably last occurred at #62 on my next list, which I am hoping you can help me explain to everyone when it comes time to post about it.


I don't get it?