Thursday, June 07, 2007

What I like About the Universe

So here is the new plan: I am continuing on with my happy list. This post will be items 26 through 50. I will post two (2) more for a total of.. anyone? That's right, Pezda - 100! After which I will then detail why I like each of these items or how it is that they bring me joy. Odds are I will never complete this project, but what the hell let's give it a try.

Again, these are in no particular order. This is also not meant to be an all inclusive list. Just having fun.

26. root beer
27. Swedish Fish
28. The Simpsons
29. The Smiths
30. Grant Miller Media
31. singularities
32. women without VPL's
33. dogs
34. good vodka
35. eating foods I'm not supposed to
36. nuns
37. pin-up girls
38. air conditioning
39. fires
40. flashlights
41. the George Foreman grill
42. Star Wars
43. taxonomy
44. chivalry
45. air travel
46. road trips
47. Trivial Pursuit
48. the art of automobiles
49. mail
50. cassettes


GETkristiLOVE said...

I have a problem with a list of 25 such as this that does not include more than one alcohol item... BUT, I will say that I can help you on item number #32 because I'm pretty sure you can not see any VPL through my breezers.

Evil Genius said...


I cannot even begin to tell you how hot that is!


Blowing Shit Up With Gas said...

Given that #44 is Chivalry, is #49 meant to be chain mail (as in cool body armour made of metal rings)? Just wondering.

My mind's abuzz with comments on some of those, but I think I'll hold off to read the detailed articles. Hopefully, you'll include photos -- especially of women without VPLs.

Winter said...

Email or snail mail?

I get all excitied when I see I have email so it's probably #26 or something on my list.

Not that you asked..

Evil Genius said...


I prefer plate mail armor. Heavier, but better coverage.

I appreciate your restraint on commenting. I hope I don't disappoint on the articles.

As far as photos, I will begin a tireless search for a worthy picture(s) for that particular post.


You'll just have to stay tuned until #49 rolls around. That may take's snail mail. E-mail is good too.

And thanks to your frequent comments, you are getting linked back. Twice!


Grant Miller said...

Thank you.