Monday, June 11, 2007

What I Like About the Universe

51. sitting in my Poang
52. vinyl
53. spellcheck
54. classic arcade games
55. Atari/Activision home video games
56. sushi
57. my mom's meatballs
58. whiskey (scotch, bourbon, et al)
59. people who still drive station wagons
60. argyle socks
61. Twin Peaks
62. Casa Bonita
63. Peep Bunny Pillow
64. my Jeep
65. Legos
66. containers (of the inter-modal transportation sort)
67. snow
68. going to museums
69. painting
70. blog comments
71. Eat 'n' Park
72. knickers
73. Guinness
74. the perfect martini
75. e-mail

Keep 'em coming. I have 25 more to go.


Jason C. said...


a. The smell of Amusement parks

b. Disco Balls and Religious artwork (seperate or together)

c. The arrival of Fall

d. all kinds of Cheese.

e. Tang Margaritas (or Tequilla in general)

f. The plowed mounds of snow that survive in mall parking lots well after warm weather arrives

g. definitely bacon (but only on special occasions)

h. and 'new to me clothes' not just 'new clothes'

... but you already knew about these.

GETkristiLOVE said...

Yay, sushi - and I love my jeep too. Casa Bonita? Like the one here in Denver where the food sucks ass but they have cliff divers to entertain the guests?

The best part is when you said, "Keep 'em coming."

Grant Miller said...

Argyle socks?

Winter said...

I with Mr. Miller "?"

Evil Genius said...


About time you abandoned Gen Y on MySpace and regressed to blogging like the rest of Gen X.


Yes. That Casa Bonita.


Did I spell it wrong?


You don't have to have argyle socks on your list of 100 things you like about the universe. But perhaps I will sway you to my way of thinking when I do the actual post. Probably not, but we'll see.


Winter said...

Post a picture of you wearind said socks and maybe I'll change my mind.

Anonymous said...

52= I kinda like the SMELL of new vinyl, like shower curtains. however, after about 4 minutes it begins to get to me

71: EAT N' PARK!! My eldest daughter's first sentence was uttered at EnP!! She was sitting there when someone dressed as a giant smiley cookie walked by. her eyes got big n' wide and she said: "IZZ'A COOKIE!!!"

We were extra proud of her using a contraction for her first sentence, too.

Evil Genius said...


I'll be sure to include it in the post. But don't hold your breath if you are hoping for Chili Pepper style.

Uncle Moonie,

In light of frequent comments and the Eat'n'Park shout-out, you have earned a link.


pezda said...

1. the perfect catch (you know what I mean)

2. Custard

3. Cereal

4. dancing in a driving rain (possibly naked)

5. the smell of baking bread

6. going on "adventures" with the family

6a. Discovering new places

7. Sleeping in my own bed after an extended period away from home

8. Putting on clean, dry underwear after swimming

9. Columbus' North Market

10. Tonto Natural Bridge

11. Road-side diners that have 12 different kinds of pie

12. Pie

13. The little twist-tie guy on top of my monitor (made by my brother three monitors ago)

14. Quickee-mart Slushies

15. Hope. The hope that the Cubs really can win the World Series (and to a lesser degree that there really is good in the world)

Blowing Shit Up With Gas said...

Might I suggest Duct Tape?

GETkristiLOVE said...

THAT Casa Bonita - nice place to take someone from out of town. I tell my guests to make sure they stir their food so it looks eaten and then put up the flag for sopapias!

Flannery Alden said...

Evil Genius, I love argyle socks, too! We don't have to defend ourselves against those savages!

Come on, let's go have a shot of Jack with a Guiness chaser in your jeep in the parking lot of Eat 'n' Park and compare patterns.

HBC said...

What about?

1.)Little Cokes
2.)Yelling at Ice Cream Trucks
3.)Cow Bell
5.)Trident Gum
6.)Grab Claw Machines
7.)Sweet and Sour Chicken
8.)Magic Shell

Evil Genius said...


I'm adding all of those! OK, probably none, but I still like them all.


How about WD-40?


I actually ate the food. Am I gonna die now?


That is one of the best comments I have ever received! I am packing up the Jeep and heading to Canton.


Finally! What happened to "Nice Rack"?


Flannery Alden said...

Does that get me a link? Or are you still cheesed about me calling Dale an evil genius?

Evil Genius said...


I was never really upset about it, but I couldn't let it slide without saying something. You shall be linked!

THE Evil Genius

Hot Blonde Chic (HBC) said...

Evil Genius:

While I appreciate your suggestion of my identity as "Nice Rack", you know I am not one to flaunt my assets. Besides, I dont think the others who comment on your blog could handle the picture.