Tuesday, June 19, 2007

What I Like About the Universe

76. Alaskan King Crab legs
77. lolcats/lolrus
78. Quisp
79. being Catholic
80. being right (not that #79 has anything to do with #80)
81. shopping
82. never having to worry about my hair
83. Chuck Taylors
84. girls who wear glasses
85. swords
86. Trident regular
87. grab claw machines
88. WD-40
89. the entire punk lineage of Rock and Roll
90. having a big Korean guy sleeping on my sofa-bed
91. pizza
92. Pez
93. superheroes
94. random phone calls from people utilizing me as a trivia reference
95. the smell of freshly cut wood
96. green
97. crossing the state line into Pennsylvania
98. Goth chicks
99. the sound of a train whistle in the distance at night
100. "What I Like About the Universe"

Since these are not ranked, I will post these at random and check them off as I go. And yes, I will have pictures. Plenty of pictures!


Flannery Alden said...

95. the smell of freshly cut wood

I love this too...I also like to smell it burning. Is that twisted?

Blowing Shit Up With Gas said...

RE #90: Is that meant to be in direct opposition to the more widespread, de rigueur custom of having a smallish Korean guy sleeping on one's sofabed?

Grant Miller said...

Goths in general and goth chicks in particular amuse me.

Evil Genius said...


That would fall under #39. fires. So I am with you.


You know me, nonconformist all the way!


I find Goth guys sad, but not in the way they intend. Goth chicks - *cough* Krista *cough* - are hot!


GETkristiLOVE said...

Bald men in Chuckie Ts, that's what I love about my universe.

anandamide said...

I know its not very cool, but one of the things i like about the universe is the guitar solo in "Easy" by the Commodores.

If that's a crime, then let me burn !!!

Evil Genius said...


Why can't there be more women like you around?

Big A,

Lionel Richie in the context of the Commodores is forgivable. But I don't recall the guitar solo?


Lucidiocy said...


Just thought I'd poke my head in...

like the dog, when you're in the bathroom.


pezda said...

#78 - Quisp (and to a lesser extent Cocoa Pebbles) is the cereal responsible for my lifelong cereal fixation.

#85 - What about battle axes?

#90 - Say hi for me.

#92 - Awww yeah.

#93 - "Look! It's a bird, it's a plane, it's the su-AAAGGHH! My eyes!"

#96 - yup, green.

#97 - Funny, I usually sigh and mutter a few curses when I hit the PA turnpike

Evil Genius said...


Like a ray of sunshine. Thanks!


Fruity Pebbles would be my second.

I am not into pole arms.

He is already gone.

"Girlfriend" track 4?


Silly Ohio people!


Lucidiocy said...

I love Ohio!

Out from my window
across from the city
I have what's considered
a good view

Two blocks from the subway,
three from the fountain
I walk to break in new shoes

She stands on the sidewalk
just waving at taxis
like horses in parades
in passing

I ask where she's headed
she tells me, "Ohio,
I've not seen my mother in ages
It's been a long time,
a real long time."

Out from my window
"How far is Ohio?"
She laughed and pointed out east
She said, "I grew up there
with my dear mother

And I haven't seen her since thirteen. You see, I was taken while she lay sleeping
By my father's hired men

We moved to city so far from my family
I haven't been back there
It's been a long time,
a real long time."

Out from my window please hear me Ohio
Your daughter wants to come home
She longs to be with you to hug you to kiss you
To never leave her alone

And I've gotten know her
to live with to love her
It's hard to see her leave
She belongs to her mother
and the state of Ohio

I wish she belonged to me

See you sometime,
see you sometime

Evil Genius said...


Nice little song. I listened to it over on your blog. Where did you find that guy?


Lucidiocy said...


I was visiting one of my sisters in Pittsburgh and she insisted I check out this bar, which happened to be a great venue for indie bands, (I forget the name of the place.. maybe "the cafe"???) anyway, Damien Jurado played one night and Hem played the next and they officially became my favorite bands after that.