Monday, June 25, 2007

WILATU #64 - my Jeep

I wanted to steer clear of material possessions, but this one was hard. (Technically, the bank owns it anyway.) And it isn't just the possession of an object, it is the fun and enjoyment it has brought me.

As you may remember, I smashed my 2004 Honda Civic EX coupe, "Black Beauty", on my way to a Pogues concert on St. Patrick's Day eve. Well, some ice and an Econoline van really did the damage but as far as the insurance was concerned it was my fault. I battled with endless repairs and a succession of rental cars. After a while, I finally gave up.

And though the Audi R8 would have made a smashing Evil Genius mobile, the Jeep is better suited for the real-life Christopher. Sure it may not be a sleek roadster, but it is still a convertible! The damned thing actually does make me happy!

So for those of you who are concerned about such things, it is a 2007 Wrangler (JK) "X" trim with option package (s) in Jeep Green Metallic. Full metal doors, side impact airbags (a must-have after the accident,) power convenience group, and Sirius radio with a year's free subscription. Sadly it is an automatic. I bear the shame of being a man who cannot drive stick. To save my life I could, but not well enough to own one. I have given up trying to defend myself. If you really want to judge me on that, so be it. Makes it a hell of a lot easier driving it around the city, though.

But don't you worry! Even though I still have paper tags on it, I have already had it off road twice. The first time I got a flat tire. I learned a few things from that: 1. all condition tires for 17" rims are not cheap 2. until you have a full sized spare, you have no idea what you are missing 3. there a few things that will make you look more rugged than jacking up a Jeep and changing the tire. The second time off road I went over rocks, through a stream, up steep hills with sharp turns, and through mud puddle moguls. It took me two substantial washings to get it clean.

Driving around with the top down is so much fun. It is a pain to get the top up and down, so I don't get to do it as often as I would like. But even with the top up it is still pretty fun. One small negative is that Sirius pales in comparison to XM (WILATU #10.) And the big negative is the fuel economy. Miserable compared to the Honda, but I knew that going in.

I am still on the fence about naming the vehicle. My Hondas both had names, Minmei and Black Beauty. This is a custom I acquired from J. He and I have already discussed this. Here are the list of candidates:
1. Eugene: The original Jeep (from Popeye comics and cartoons.)

2. Hound: Heroic Autobot.
3. Terminator X: In the Valley of the Jeep Beats! (And mine is an X series)

4. Charlene: There are many Jeeps like it, but this one is mine.

5. Geep: It's got the cool shoe shine.

J voted for #3, so that is what it tentatively stands as. But I am leaning away from naming it anything. I have to come up with new goldfish names soon anyway. So I have to save up some names.

I am hoping to keep this until my son drives it years from now. But if it gets wrecked or stolen tomorrow, I will still be happy for the time I have had with it. O|||||O (<--Jeep emoticon! I know that is gay, but my lesbian pen pal (former Jeep owner herself) showed it to me. So I figure that evens it out. (What, you don't have a lesbian pen pal?))


GETkristiLOVE said...

I'm glad you take that thing off road. That would give us jeep owners a worse name than not driving a stick.

Flannery Alden said...

We're jeep fans in my family too, though right now we have the Cherokee Sport. And, yeah, it's been off road.

Would you consider an additional selection? How about the Jeepmaster 6,000?

Blowing Shit Up With Gas said...

Cool. I like the color -- seems appropriate for a Jeep. Funny that you killed your last car on the way TO a Pogues St. Pat's show. Most people would've wrecked on the way home from something like that. (I'm 1/2 Irish, so a combo like that -- St. Pat's & the Pogues -- would merit at least 10 pints of Guinness.)

BTW, your proper usage of the nested parentheses merits congratulations; so many inexperienced bloggers screw that up and forget to include the final closing one -- which any true computer techie will confirm always keeps your program from running.

red said...

There's an argument to be made that if you want to learn to drive a stick, just buy one and then you'll have to. I learned to drive stick because I had to, but I do remember sitting stuck on a (luckily relatively quiet) street in Missoula, MT almost crying in frustration because I couldn't make the car go. Damn Ford Ranger wouldn't cold start in second!

Grant Miller said...

Ah ha! Now I know which car to follow home.

pezda said...

I like Hound. I could've taught you how to drive stick.

Evil Genius said...


She has been duly christened with mud.


Jeepmaster 6000 is brilliant! That is my new front runner.


In years to come, that may be how I tell the story. But alas, I never actually got to see Shane snarl in person.


I bet I could still cold start you in second!


Make the left immediately after the Chinese restaurant, but before the funeral home. If you get to the Metro station, you've gone too far. Fourth building on the left, first apartment on the right when you walk in the door. Parking is a bitch, so you'd better bring quarters.


Jeepmaster 6000! And you can still teach me.


Lucidiocy said...

I have Jeep envy.