Saturday, July 21, 2007

I Am An Egomaniacal Bastard

If you have never noticed the little green button at the bottom of my blog, it gives me magic powers. I can see who has been reading my blog, where they are located, and who's page they wandered over from.

In doing this I found out that I am now linked to Doc. (I am guessing the lovely Ms. Alden put the link there.) But Doc is on my list of "blogs to read that I never get around to." This includes Chris, Beth, Skyler's Dad, Vikkitikkitavi, and Johnny Yen. (Just off the top of my head. I know there are more I want to read, but I already spend too much time on blog-related pursuits. The good news is, when God finally sends that lightning bolt down on Big Orange, it will free up a spot.) I have read all these blogs with regular inconsistency and enjoyed them all. But like most evil geniuses, I am egomaniacal. So a link more or less guarantees a link back (unless it's Winter. I don't trust her.) There you go, Doc! You're on my blogroll. (And I will get around to compiling my funeral mix shortly.) And if anyone else out there is secretly linked to me, let me know!

I can also see who has been searching for me. I could write a Milleresque search post, but in my case it is a steady mix of people looking for Smiths lyrics, Simpson quotes, cures for goldfish diseases, and a mix of pop culture and science queries that somehow pull up some post of mine that hits on random keywords totally unrelated to the original search. But there was a first a few days ago. Some one searched for me. Deliberately searched for me. They typed "rock and roll astronaut blog" into Google and I was of course at the top of the list. And being that I know where this search originated from and what operating system he was using, I have a good guess who it was. Let's just call him "Napoleon Dynamite." So if I am right, which happens a little too often for my own good, leave a comment or drop me a note. It would be nice to hear from you. And if you have some sort of page or other, I may consider giving you a link too.

Speaking of egomania, has anyone checked out the Rock and Roll Astronaut Store? It has been recently updated!


anandamide said...

I get at least 10 hits a day from people looking for "Ray Part 3", which is apparently an online video game the kids are playin' these days.

Who knew....

Evil Genius said...


Maybe you should post a bogus walk-through. Screw with the little fuckers!

Evil Genius said...

My funeral mix referenced in the post:

1. Asleep – The Smiths
2. Elegia – New Order
3. God Moving Over the Face of the Waters – Moby
4. John the Revelator – Son House
5. Swing Low Sweet Chariot – Paul Robeson
6. Amazing Grace – Aretha Franklin
7. How Great Thou Art – Elvis Aaron Presley
8. What a Wonderful World – Joey Ramone
9. I Am the Resurrection – The Stone Roses
10. The Wings of a Dove – Madness
11. When the Saints Go Marching In – Louis Armstrong
12. Come on Get Happy! – Ella Fitzgerald

I did not want to use "Wonderful World" at all, but the Joey Ramone version has a certain depth to it based on the fact he was dying of cancer at the time he recorded it. So it has to be his version and his version only. I also balance this out with The Stone Roses song which is blasphemous and fun, but if you're not paying attention it seems kinda religious. The mix starts out somber (with the Smiths of course!) and just picks up from there. Please note I will not accept the Judy Garland version of "Come On Get Happy" as the last song at my funeral. I was going to end it with Madness, but listening to it now that song sounds too much like the Gungan celebration song at the end of Episode I. I wouldn't want anyone to make that mistake. And I would want my friend J to mix this all down into a seamless blend and hand out CDs with a cover designed by Pezda.

Dale said...

I haven't completed my funeral playlist yet but may steal a few of your ideas. Your funeral is going to be long but cool. When can I come?

Flannery Alden said...

I love that version of Wonderful World. The first song Doc and I danced to at our wedding was Louis Armstrong's version it.

When you mentioned Come On Get Happy, all I can hear in my head is the Partridge Family. Damn, you are an Evil Genius!

GETkristiLOVE said...

How many have searched for "bald, egomaniacal, snarky astronaut" and found you?

Evil Genius said...


The sooner the better.


That is "C'mon Get Happy." The contraction is a subtle but important difference. But now you have Susan Dey going through my head! Mmmm, LA Law..*drool.*


Who's scruffy-looking?


pezda said...

I'd love to design your funeral mix cover, however I will have to do it years before your funeral. You and I both know which of us has the short road to travel.

Evil Genius said...

See post above.

Chris said...

I know exactly what you're talking about. I have a number of "blogs to read that I never get around to." At any rate, I'm gonna link to you, primarily because you have great taste in blogs.

Evil Genius said...

Other Chris,

Damn it! Now I have to read you all the time.

You are now likewise linked.

-Evil Genius (Chris)