Wednesday, August 29, 2007

It's Timmy! (Retro Blogging)

Hi everybody!

It sure was nice of Mr. Urban to hire me after Mr. Miller fired me. He paid for my flight down to Washington, D.C. and everything!

But it is hard for me to write on his blog. Most of the time he says I can't use the computer because he's watching his "special movies." And the rest of the time he keeps asking me to tell him Mr. Miller's secrets. He makes me feel weird sometimes. His eyes are scary.

I keep asking when we get to see the White House and the Air and Space Museum. He just says, "Keep typing." And throws me another candy bar.

I have to go. He says we are going to play "Lambs" now. I hope it is fun!



pezda said...

Poor, poor, Timmy. Go easy on those candy bars, you don't want him getting too fat.

Evil Genius said...

This post was weak. That is why it wound up on the cutting room floor and only resurfaces now that I am desperate for material. The most inspired thing on this post is the tag "stealing Grant's ideas."