Friday, July 20, 2007

No iPod to Shuffle

CDs I have recently purchased:

First up is the new Interpol. They branch out a little, but still manage to stay true to their sound. They continue to impress me and earn their spot on the top shelf of my CD rack under "Prime Real Estate" alongside Morrissey, the Smiths and Radiohead.

Billy Bragg's Talking With the Taxman About Poetry. He has remastered all his stuff, so I got the new special edition. My collection was sorely lacking this album anyway. "Greetings to the New Brunette" is my new favorite song.

The greatest Ukrainian gypsy punk and performance art band ever, Gogol Bordello, came out with a new album. They have intrigued me from the start, but the song "Wonderlust King" was a must-have.


anandamide said...

yes !!! thanks for reminding me about "greetings to the new brunette" that song brings me right back to the summer of '88. god, i sound like a Time-Life commercial.

lulu said...

Billy Bragg is a genius.

Evil Genius said...


My dream job would be working for K-Tel records.


He is at that, but not an evil one!


Dale said...

Gogol Bordello is very cool and Billy Bragg's great too, Interpol, couldn't tell you but since you're the E Genius, I may have to further inspectigate.

Evil Genius said...

Interpol are a near perfect blend of Joy Division and the Smiths put through a modern filter. And they cop to it admittedly, but they can because they pull it off so well. With this album they have blurred the lines and started finding more of their own voice. They are the kings of the New Golden Age.

Grant Miller said...

Gogol Bordello, who I'm not very familiar with yet, is on Letterman I think tonight. Or sometime this week.

Did you see Morrissey on Letterman a couple weeks ago?

Evil Genius said...

I am not usually up that late, but if you would have told me a couple of weeks ago I would have caught it. Thanks a lot, Grant!

I do have a tape somewhere of Morrissey on the tonight show. He did "Sing Your Life." And they cut back to Ed and Johnny. Carson's classic comment, "Did you get a look at that hair?" [gesturing an exaggerated pompadour sprouting from his head.]

Dale said...

Sounds like Interpol's well worth it then from your description E.G.

Evil Genius said...


Yes, or will give you your money back.