Monday, August 27, 2007

Forum Show Idea

Point/Antidote (proposed Sundays, 9:00AM EST) Partisan panelists have been poisoned and then faced with a statement from the opposition. They are given just enough time to present a rebuttal OR get the cure. They must choose. Finally a show that would bridge the gaps in partisan politics and be enteratining!


pezda said...

Great idea, however human instinct would kick in and we would simply have a show about people scrambling for the cure. Now if that antidote were cleverly hidden behind a series of dangers...

Evil Genius said...

I am not so certain. Studies show that people's thought process on political matters is purely emotionally based. There is no logic in partisan politics, which is why it fuels the oldest reality show going - the news. having been exposed to some extremists, I think their ego and their passion would allow them to believe that they could get one counterpoint in before reaching for the life-saving serum. But the obstacle course you suggest would be a great addition.

Stop blinking. It is freaking me out!