Thursday, August 16, 2007

WILATU #30 Grant Miller Media

What's not to love about Grant Miller Media? He is an inspiration to bloggers everywhere. Well, maybe not everywhere. But he certainly hits the right notes for me, most of the time.

GMM is also a great place to find other bloggers. Most of the people who are listed on his blog roll have fascinating blogs too. It is a nexus of the smart and the twisted.

I believe that this young man will finally put Chicago on the map with all of his fine contributions to the blogosphere. And when he finally takes over the universe, I plan on being on his side.

But enough about what I think about GMM; why don't you sample some for yourself:

And so on and so on. There is far too much to link to that is worth checking out, the bastard. But I don't begrudge him his millions of links or his 100 authority rating on Technorati, though; he's earned it.


Grant Miller said...

I totally agree.

Oh and thank you!

GETkristiLOVE said...

Grant who?

That's not his real picture, is it? Poor bastard.

anandamide said...

I'd also like to mention that GM is perhaps the busiest commentator out there. Every time I decide to make a comment on somebody's site, Grant's avatar is raising an eyebrow at me, as if to say "you thought you could beat me here?"

damn you, Grant Miller.

McGone said...

I believe Grant Miller to be the Kevin Bacon of the Blogging Universe

Evil Genius said...

There would be no WILATU without Grant Miller. A brief history: I was urged for years to start my own blog by my friend Lulu (of San Francisco.) When I finally did I had a meager handful of readers. Grant left a nice comment on one of my more off-the-wall posts, so I looked him up and decided he was good people.( I am sure he found me doing a Blogger search for "The Smiths.")Like all bloggers, I hung it up after about a year. I had started a new job and didn't have time for it anymore. (I still don't.) Then after I broke up with everyone's favorite commenter, Red, I got back on to clear my head. I linked to Grant and he linked me back, and that is why you are here now. Thank you, Grant Miller. You are my enabler.

Grant Miller said...

You are my favorite commenter, Evil Genius.

Dale said...

Grant's finest moment was when he graciously added me back to his link list after "secretly" dropping me. It took a little begging and the small matter of a cheque clearing but then order was restored to the universe, mine anyway.