Friday, September 14, 2007

Friday Music Post

This is a bit late in the day for a friday music post and about a month late news-wise, but click on over to RadioHypno for a great set of Factory records songs in memorium of Tony Wilson. And Thanks to J(Son et Lumiere) for sending me there.

I should also mention the passing of Hilly Kristal, without whom country, blue grass, blues (and other music for uplifting gormandizers) would not be where it is today. If any tired little monkeys are listening, perhaps someone or some group could organize a music project that could pay tribute to him and his institution.


Doc said...

Rest in Peace, Mr Kristal, and thanks for all the wonderful music.


Evil Genius said...

[Pours out some Cristal in honor of Kristal.]

mark said...

thanks for the link!!!