Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Celebrities Who Have the Privilege of Resembling Me

I am the answer to the question on every Hollywood gossip journalist's mind. What if Bollywood B-lister Kavya Madhavan and has-been heart-throb Matt Dillon finally hooked up?

Which made me keep trying until I hit the jackpot with the last picture in my horn rims. Now that is more like it.

This has been sitting in my draft bin for so long, I am not sure who to credit here. I believe the Idea of Progress and/or Splotchy started this. Someone correct me if I am wrong there.

Also, if your browser is like mine the last photo on the right is getting cropped out. Who you are potentially not seeing: #1. Bill Murray 48%, #2. Steve Martin 60%, #3. Kavya Madhavan 64%, #4. Wim Wenders 66%.


Skylers Dad said...

Sweet! I am so stealing this after I get done with the eternal conference call from hell...

Doc said...

I'd say you look like Steve McQueen. Hell, you could do a lot worse.


minijonb said...

i can't wait until famous celebs try to look more like me. that'll be a fine day.

pistols at dawn said...

How good is that face recognition software when putting on glasses fools it? Is it everyone in Superman's home city who can't crack Supes' clever disguise?

Skylers Dad said...

Stole it and posted it!

Evil Genius said...


You must know someone at that website. You got great picks right off the bat!


But would you say I drive like STeve McQueen?


I get my hair done by Jose Ebert. That is the secret. After that everyone will want to look like you!


You would be shocked how well it actually works in real life. Seriously.


Dale said...

You've got the Liam Neeson with a hint of VanDerBeek around the forehead going on.

GETkristiLOVE said...

What, no Michael Chiklis?!

Well, that's probably a good thing. I'd be showing at your doorstep with a drool bucket and all.

Beth said...

I'd give you a Michael Stipe for the last one ... and that's nothing but pure awe from my corner.

Evil Genius said...


If they ever start a series called Darkman's Creek I'll be a shoe-in!


Really? He's your type? Never would have guessed!


Considering the source, that is probably the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me. Thank you!


J.D. said...

Oh come on! That last one is totally the PC Guy!

lulu said...

I did this a while ago and got Suzanne Vega, the kid who plays Ron Weasley and Chiang Kai-shek. ( )

red said...

I would like to point out that the picture where they say you resemble a bunch of hot guys is the one where they can't see that I'm sitting next to you ;P

I'm interested to try this myself and see if I get Jennifer Connelly, who this crazy guy I went on two dates with in NYC thought I resembled.

Comment 13. Oooooh!

Grant Miller said...

I did this last week and, amazingly, the celebrity I most resemble!

Evil Genius said...


What PC guy? Or just sort of all of them?


Your link got cut short so I had to dig back on my own. I may have to catch up on your archives. There is more to you than interesting loctation.


In the following pic I am also compared to some relatively handsome men and in that picture I am seated next to an even CUTER girl that cannot be seen in the photo. (GG)

And whatever our current relationship is I will still cop to the fact that you are pretty hot, but Jennifer Connelly? Not really.


That goes to show what flexibility My Heritage is willing to allow for their mediocre software to consider a celebrity.

Blowing Shit Up With Gas said...

Mine included Sophia Loren, Drew Barrymore, and Beyonce. Is that good news or bad? I mean, they're women... but they're all decent looking ones.

Anonymous said...

Damn, when I did mine a few weeks ago I resemble Ross Perot. Heavy sigh.

Evil Genius said...


You must have a long elegant neck.


Maybe you and BSUWG can switch.

And a P.S. to Red,

You need to start your own blog already.


Bubs said...

You know, if you ever want to consult with people in the witness protection program on how to resemble lots of different people, you might, you know, be on to something.

pezda said...

That last pic is totally Moby. I'm going to have to try this out to see if I get Cary Grant or Clay Aiken.

Drives fast and reckless? Yup, just like Steve McQueen

Evil Genius said...


You have already said too much.


I'm seeing you more as a Jean Stapleton.


pezda said...

Well, the results are in. It's Wayne Brady. No, seriously. I've posted it, plus a little bonus Evil Genius look-alikes.

McGone said...

I would have to agree with J.D. that the last picture of you is totally John Hodgman

Evil Genius said...

Oh! That PC guy! You know I actually do wear sock garters now that you mention it.

And welcome to you and all my other new commenters. Where are my manners?

The Idea Of Progress said...

I'm going to say Sagat. Not that you look like him (at all), but it needed to be said.

Evil Genius said...


That does need to be said. Thank you for being the one to have the courage. (I myself like saying "spackle.")


Catnapping said...

My didn't wrap around like yours. I had to click and see one picture at a time. I don't recognize half
these names:

Son Ye-jin
Yoon-jin Kim
Annette Bening
Scarlet Johansson
Tansu Ciller
Charlize Theron

That was fun. I recognize Theron. Cool.

Evil Genius said...


Thanks for stopping by! I do not know any of the Asian women on your list, but you don't recognize Annette Benning or Scarlet Johanson? If you have those ladies in addition to Charlize, you must be quite a Betty yourself! And the eight boobs are an added bonus.


Catnapping said...

Now that I read the name, I do recognize Annette Benning.

I guess I'm okay. I've got fat lips and high cheekbones...

...and eight boobies comes in handy, yes?


Evil Genius said...

I love comments on months old posts!

lulu said...

Then people should do it more often.