Saturday, September 08, 2007

When Flannery Asks...

This post is an interview consisting of five questions asked by Flannery Alden of me. At this point imagine you are watching an embedded YouTube clip of a guy crushing a man's head from some kung fu B-movie clip as used by Craig Kilbourn on the original incarnation of the Daily Show in lieu of the harmless picture of Bert (though as we all know, no picture of Bert could truly be harmless.) And now it is time for 5 Questions.

1. You have been blogging for over two years now. How has it affected your life?

1. I am addicted to Blogger. Posting. Reading. Commenting. I need it constantly.
2. I have made a lot of friends in a time in my life when I am coming up a bit short.
3. I have become acutely aware of how badly I need to get laid.

2. What are your two favorite flavors of ice cream? Please detail the inner monologue that would go through your head as you are trying to decide which flavor you want (weigh the pros and cons, etc.)

1. Pistachio
2. Coffee

Inner Monologue: "Oh God, I'm fat. I really shouldn't even be eating ice cream. Plus it has to have tons of cholesterol. It wouldn't be good if it couldn't kill me. But almonds have mono-unsaturated fat. And that reduces bad cholesterol. Or maybe it raises good cholesterol. I am not sure. There is a chance pistachios have the same stuff, though. Plus I have already had like eight cups of coffee today. That extra little caffeine in the coffee ice cream may push me over the edge and send me on a killing spree. You never know."

Outer Dialog: "Pistachio please."

3. If you could meet Morissey, where would you meet him, what would you wear, and what would you talk about?

A location in Manchester of his choosing (assuming that someone (Spin, Rolling Stone, Q, NME) is paying for this, otherwise we can just meet at the Starbucks around the corner.) I would wear a suit with no tie. We would talk about precious things like love and law and poverty.

4. Why is The Killing Moon a potentially perfect song?

It took you long enough! It really isn't that hard to find my other blog, but I don't maintain it like I should.

There is no analytical reason why this song kicks ass, but it does. Echo & the Bunnymen are bad-ass and this is one of their finest examples of bad-assery. The song is catchy without being too hooky. But it really comes down to personal preference. So essentially my argument is - because I said so. Which is kind of the point of the other site.

5. You're a rock and roll astronaut. What's the name of your band? What's the name of your spaceship?

I never really had a name for my spaceship. Perhaps I'll call it the Killing Moon.

As for bands, I have been in three imaginary bands. In the late 80's and early 90's I was in a college rock band called The Bourgeoisie, which was essentially my friend J screwing around with a synthesizer and an acoustic guitar and me pretending I could sing. We also utilized The Postal Service method long before they ever did. Our back-up singers were the Proletariettes. There are a few tapes in existence that may become big e-Bay items in a few years.

In the 90's I was in an alternative outfit called The E & The Q, which also included Pezda. We broke up a few months into our existence after we realized that each of us were under the impression that we were the lead singer. Such are the pitfalls of an imaginary band.

In the late 90's I formed a power punk trio originally known as Guided By Elvis. The name was a reference to True Romance, but would obviously cause confusion with the more well established outfit Guided By Voices. Bad Eric, our lead guitarist, suggested The Cream-Filled Long-Johns as our new name based on the subtle double meaning. I wanted to stay truer to the punk ethos with something more shocking, but he flatly rejected my idea of The Plastic Applicators. And thus ended my third non-existent band.

It is at this point I must also note that based on my experience, I was also the manager/producer of my cousin's imaginaery Riot Grrrl band, the 35mm Nudes that was never even intended to get off the gorund. God bless mommy, and daddy, and 35mm Nudes.


Chris said...

Great questions and great answers, guys! The Proletariettes! Classic!

Dale said...

Unsolicited follow up question from interloper: Song titles from some of those would be super groups please!

Nice answers to Flannery's probing but not in an icky way questions.

Flannery Alden said...

Are you being purposely obtuse, EG?

Nice answers...

Evil Genius said...


Not to toot my own horn., but it kills me that I cam up with that in high school.

Evil Genius said...


The Bourgeoisie had two big songs:
"Seven Years" (a break up song)and "Black and White and Blue" from which Interpol totally stole the opening riff of their "Untitled."

The E & the Q only had two cover songs: The Cure's "Love Song" and The Bourgeoisie's "Champion of the Weak/Week."

The Plastic Applicators had almost enough material for an EP,(which was in my mind to be called "The Toxic Shock EP") but at this point in time all I can remember are "I Got the Worm" (which is also naturally the entire lyrics of the song) and a punk treatment of "Bigmouth Strikes Again" which has caused me to lose my voice on the rare occasions I have actually growled it out.

Evil Genius said...




A Ghost's Story said...

I think your spaceship should be called The Erebus, after the patrol boat Willard rode in on the Nung River lookin' for Kurtz.

but, that's just me (hey, I'm tryin' to improve your Misanthropy Score, here!!)

Evil Genius said...


What are you a specter? No, you're you are just an errand boy sent by the grocer to collect a bill.


anandamide said...

The Ice Cream Dialogues. Shouldn't that be a movie? Or at least a series of posts...

GETkristiLOVE said...

Oooooh, the Cream-Filled Long Johns!

You just made my night.

Evil Genius said...


At last someone else who is willing to talk freely and openly about ice cream! I no longer have to hide my embarrassment.


It seems to me that Colorado types have similar senses of humor.


Blowing Shit Up With Gas said...

My god, 5 years of blogging??? I thought I sort of started late in early 2006. But, damn, 2002 was WAY before anyone had ever heard of it. Blog wasn't even a word, then, was it?

BeckEye said...

Nice interview! Flannery asked me the same question #1...but I forgot to answer with your third point. That applies to me as well.

Evil Genius said...


It has only been two years for me. The "5" was just for 5 questions. Had I started when originally prodded it would be at least four years.


That is true of most points in my life, however as I stated I am just more aware of it now.


Blowing Shit Up With Gas said...

I don't know where/how I read that five-year thing. I think maybe I'm occasionally dyslectic or something.

J (Son et Lumiere) ... said...

Wasn't the title of our first album 'Hand over Fist'?

and without The Bourgeoisie you know there would never have been The Platonics.

I know I have some cassette demos of that stuff somewhere ... maybe even some video too.

I know what I'm doing after work.

minijonb said...

You're addicted to Blogger? Join the club. It could be worse... you could be addicted to real life. :shudders:

Evil Genius said...


I had totally forgotten that! And if you find any Platonics tapes you need to hook me up.

Jon B,

I am also addicted to:
Brick Breaker
and I might as well face it:


Grant Miller said...

You need to hear Pavement's remake of "The Killing Moon." Actually, it sounds pretty much just like Echo and the Bunnymen - they didn't really change anything.

But still.

Beth said...

Well, I finished reading this interview with a bit of a blog crush.

Oh, and I have an MP3 of Pavement covering "The Killing Moon." Just so you know.

Evil Genius said...


Kind of like there is no good reason to listen to The Ocean Blue cover the Smiths "There is a Light That Never Goes Out," but it is a must anyway?


That is sweet that you have a blog crush on me, but I am a Rock and Roll Astronaut, baby! I want to see some virtual knickers being tossed my way!


Dale said...

Toxic Shock? You still need to record that.

Evil Genius said...


The drummer spot is still vacant. You interested?


deadspot said...

The Proletariettes is an awesome name.