Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Back Home at the Evil Lair

I have returned from Chicago where I had limited computer access. Now I am back at the Evil Lair, where I have limited time. I will have to upload my photos and dish on your favorite Chicago Bloggers at a later date.

Please enjoy one of two Looney Tunes cartoons from whence my screen name comes until such time as I have the liberty to post.


Beth said...

Admit it: You just couldn't bring yourself to blog because you're still sad I wasn't there on Friday.

GETkristiLOVE said...

Stop holding out on me, and give it up.

I want juicy details about my favorite Windy City bloggers.

Skylers Dad said...

Nice to see you made it past the road blocks! Welcome home.

Bubs said...

Classic Chuck Jones!

Great meeting you the other night, too!

Grant Miller said...

All my favorite Chicago Bloggers live in Texas.

pistols at dawn said...

What's Chicago?

Evil Genius said...


I was just getting over it, and now you have to bring it up again!


Patience! I's got shit goin' on.


Thanks! I may have to make a trip out to CO to see you. Just you. No one else in CO. Just you.


Most excellent to meet you as well. I will keep digging on You Tube until I find the other clip I need. (Bonus points to anyone who guesses it.)


What an astute observation. I have no witty rejoinder for this.


This clip should clear up what is and is not Chicago. Though it may add confusion to what is and is not a prayer.


pistols at dawn said...

Ah, Soul Coughing. Is it my early college years again?

Laaw-yuhr said...

I can't wait for the stories! Get to it would you?

Lucidiocy said...

spider goulash