Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween Question: Who Is More Evil?

It's GETkristiLOVE here from Two Minutes in the Box, and whenever I'm not putting the Ho' in Hockey, I'm over here at the Rock 'n Roll Universe looking for an astronaut.


While the Evil Genius is out on hiatus, there's a deep, burning question all you bloggers must answer. Although I personally would love to know what the hell Evil Genius does while he's on hiatus, and just how long does it takes for him to decide what he likes about the Universe and be back at the helm, that's not the question in question. The question for this fine Halloween day is:
Who is more evil,
The Evil Dictator, Evil Spock, or Evil Genius?

Dr. Evil is one scary dude. Did you know he is plotting to take over the Universe? No amount of Starbucks or pets on Mr. Bigglesworth can soothe the calm before his takeover storm, let's just hope he comes bearing Number One, and not Number Two. Dr. Evil can also mess you up good with a baseball bat. Not only that, when the Evil Dictator dresses up for Halloween, he becomes a near-sided, gun-toting Republican, which tips the scary scale high in his direction.

Seemingly, Evil Spock has two personalities, but since he constantly talks in 3rd person, there must be three. At first, Evil Spock appears to be a do-gooder, dressing up as Clifford for the kiddies. But with a closer look, one can see the havoc he reeks on Dora and other innocent little girls, who are wiping the tears from their eyes. Evil Spock claims the needs of the The Few outweigh the needs of The Many, but doesn't deliver, and having to kneel before Evil Spock all the time makes me think the Evil Spock is more prevalent than the good-doer, logical Spock.

Then there's our beloved Evil Genius, who while liking many pleasant things about the Universe such as his niece's laughter, also clearly displays an unhealthy addiction to Morrissey, sports unfashionable argyle, and is purposely obtuse. While the other two candidates are no strangers to costumes, the best participation we get from Evil Genius is when he puts on his Poang. Evil Genius' world is further sickened with quotes from Silence of the Lambs, and then claims his goldfish died of natural causes. Really? I think he ate him with some fava beans and a nice chianti.

So who is more evil? That's what I want to know. Please go here and answer the poll to the right to cast your vote!


Skylers Dad said...

I had to vote for EG, just for the suckup factor when he finally takes over.

minijonb said...

Dr. Evil is a pretty big bad ass, but I had to vote for you.

Grant Miller said...

That's a great picture of his Poang.

pistols at dawn said...

I wanted to vote for Jimmy Carter, but he wasn't on the list. He isn't on a lot of lists these days.

Dale said...

I voted with my conscience. And in fear.

Dr.evil said...

If Grant Miller was on this list I would vote for him.

anandamide said...

There is something very devious about going on an unexplained hiatus. Evil Genius takes it.

Hot Lemon said...

would any of you kick a horse to death to release prisoners??

Hot Lemon said...

have any of 'em ever had sex with a preoperative transsexual?? Said knowledge would really help me make a decision... I think.

GETkristiLOVE said...

SkyDad - I think it's Dr. E that is slated to take over the world, but EG could be right for the job too.

minijonb - Thanks, I hope you like voting for me because I'm running for VeePee too. Hee.

Miller - I thought so too.

p@d - I should have put Evil Jimmy Carter on the list.

dale - Scary, yeah.

Dr. Evil - Is that some sort of evil trick, not to vote for yourself?

anandamide - exactly what I'm thinking.

hot lemon - Well considering Dr. Evil isn't old enough to have sex yet, I don't think it should weigh in on your decision.