Wednesday, October 03, 2007


If Alexander Calder had been a superhero, what would his car have been called?


Johnny Yen said...

The Calder Mobile?

The hard part would have been driving it while it was hanging from a ceiling.

anandamide said...

probably not "the aerodynamic mobile"

Skylers Dad said...

Quick! To the Piece of Crap-mobile!

pistols at dawn said...

Famous for no apparent reason mobile?

Also, I'd like to admit I laughed aloud at this.

And now everyone's staring at me. Thanks, jerk.

GETkristiLOVE said...

He'd have the Red Thingamajig, of course.

But why are there two 'r's in your title - isn't a querry a groom? Do you still have wedding on the brain?

Laaw-yuhr said...

It would be the CaldeRocket of course! God, I WISH Alexander Calder had been a superhero!

pezda said...

Are you actually looking for THE answer, or is this a You (understood) kind of thing? OK, fine I'll bite.

"To the Mobile Mobile, Spool-of-Wire Lad. Our arch nemisis The Realist has escaped the Guggenheim Correctional Institute yet again!"

minijonb said...

yes it would have been the Calder Mobile... and it would have been a De Lorean painted Calder Red.

Evil Genius said...

Mr. Yen,

Excellent point. Perhaps this is why he did not fight crime.


Probably not.

Sky Dad,

It took me a long time to realize that art was subjective. I always assumed that people who were famous or in museums were automatically good. I now take great pleasure in walking through galleries judging: crap, art, art, crap, art, art, crap, crap, crap, art, crap, fantastic load of unbelievable crap! Who slept with whom to have that hanging in this museum? Etc.


Had I known, I would have made sure I posted this right when you were drinking a glass of milk!


Mistake? What mistake?


The flip side of the coin is, why are all superheroes crime fighters? Take Aquaman. He could have been the best marine biologist ever! But as a crime fighter...


I'm not sure. I secretly wanted someone to respond with the "correct" answer as you did (spot on by the way,) but now that I see it I think it may have played better unspoken.


My dad knew a guy who had a yellow De Lorean. There is a special and expensive pain-in-the-ass process you have to go through to treat the stainless steel so that you can paint it. So if you ever see someone driving a DMC in any color than bare brushed stainless, you know they are an exceptionally pompous ass.