Thursday, November 08, 2007

Bald Men Have More Fun

If I had a WILATU list like Evil Genius, I would most certainly put Bald Men on that list. I find bald men extremely sexy. I'm weird that way.

But am I weird?


In studies such as this one, only 30% of women find hair loss on men less attractive. What are those 30% thinking?! Dumb bitches, you better read the next paragraph!

Not only are bald men sexy, the study indicates that it's on account of the testosterone flow that makes men sometimes lose their hair. Back when men were castrated for sex crimes, the men in prison with no testosterone-producing balls also kept a full head of hair, evident by an identical twin to one of these men showing up at prison, totally bald!

So WILATU is bald men. So much so that I've nominated our lovable Evil Genius for the Bald Guy of the Week over at He's a shoe-in.


pistols at dawn said...

As a man currently watching the battle on top of my head between bald v. gray, I am happy to know that there may be hope.

Skylers Dad said...

My heart soars!!

Lucidiocy said...

Hey Baldy Locks,

I couldn't agree more.


anandamide said...

damn you Evil Genius. I will not rest until I've taken the "bald guy of the week" crown from you.

Leonesse said...

Ummm, I tried to find him, but there was too much shine. Let me go find my shades and I'll get back with you.

Oh, and bald men. DAMN sexy. As the Lion King can attest. roar.

Evil Genius said...

Have I won yet?

Dale said...

By the sounds of it then, bald should equal balled! Good news!

Anonymous said...

Robi Ludwig agrees with you. The (lovely) psychologist on the Today Show segment
"Bald Men: Is it Hot or Not?"
says bald men exude confidence and wimmens luv it.
See video at: