Saturday, November 24, 2007

It's gonna be a while folks...

My sicnere thanks to GkL for helping out. She is whatever the feminine of "mensch" is.

I am estimating my evil return around the new year. Things you can look forward to reading about when I get around to writing again will include:

  • Reasons why Karen O should have sex with me.
  • Godzilla vs. Jesus (Jesus wins)
  • My desert island discs
  • The best Smiths songs ever
  • And these submitted suggestions:
    • WILATU #71 Eat'N'Park (J)
    • WILATU #59 people who still drive station wagons (also J)
    • unsung commonplace inventions (Splotchy)
    • WILATU #84 girls who wear glasses (McGone)
    • WILATU#32 women w/o VPL (BSUWG)
    • WILATU #17 schadenfreude (Beth)
    • WILATU #21 being awake when the world is asleep (Bubs)
    • WILATU #94 random phone calls from people utilizing me as a trivia reference (GkL)
2008 should also hold a lot more evil in general here at WILATU. So if you are not currently aware of a manner in which you are capable of getting bent, you may want to prepare yourself as these instructions may be issued to you and I would hate to see you get caught off guard.


Hot Lemon said...

how about the evil plot to get Santa to stop poking fun at sex industry workers??

good to have U back, cap'n!!

Dale said...

I'm not sure why Jesus wins, I look forward to finding out.

SkylersDad said...

I look forward to #32, don't make me wait too long!

Take care of yourself sir!

GETkristiLOVE said...

I think it's "menschtrator". :D

You are most certainly welcome and I for one can't wait for the return of EG, and better yet, EEG!

Evil Evil Genius said...


I have been analyzing the problem from both sides.


It's not the why so much as the how.


Maybe I can bump it up in the order.


I had to groan on that one, but I keep laughing at it! And thanks again.


Blowing Shit Up With Gas said...

Does Karen O have VPLs?

Evil Evil Genius said...


I am guessing she is the type that would forego the P thus negating any chance of an L, V or otherwise.


pistols at dawn said...

I hope that the New Year will bring many more chances for you to put the "Rock, man" in "Rockmananov."

Evil Genius said...

I am also putting the "fun" back in "funeral."

9Sorry, it was all I had.)

BeckEye said...

Some ideas for your WILATU: Eat 'N Park:

1. The best potato soup in the land
2. Smiley cookies
3. Breakfast smiles
4. The 90 year old hostess who never dies

An idea for The Best Smiths songs post:

The one where Morrissey whines a lot