Friday, December 21, 2007

"I am become death, destroyer of links"

Let the evil commence! As you will note, my Evil Evil Genius persona now has authority over What I Like About the Universe. Though, Evil Genius will still be around to handle the WILATU list, greet shoppers, and hand out carts. All other contributers have been removed. Thanks for your help, but it's all me from here.

Next order of business is the removal of all links. Nothing personal, strictly business. And they are all gone, even Pezda and J(son) my real-life best friends. In a way by linking no one, you are now all linked. (Is that existential or nihilistic?) Why would I perpetrate such a dick move?
  1. Blog ettiquette is weighing me down.
  2. Readers are fickle.
  3. I am fickle.
  4. I am 50% more Evil.
  5. It is my blog, I'll do what I want.
  6. Fuck you. Didn't you just read #5?
Now I have contemplated restoring some links, but don't hold your breath. Retsored links (if any are granted) will have their avatar on my sidebar as a clickable link in the manner Flannery, GkL, and Pezda did before the dark times. Who will be privileged to this honor? Probably whoever kisses my ass the most. I am not above bribery and will set up a PayPal button if so requested. Even then I am not guarantying anything. That takes some HTML work and I am lazy.

If it makes you feel any better Suzel and Leonesse (and potentially this David character) all deserved links, but I never bothered knowing what was in store. Grant has a nice blogroll. Between him, Pistols, and Dale I am sure I will still be able to find all of you. And if you are still worried I'll forget about you, just comment on my blog more often and I will be sure to lurk on yours.

What other changes can you expect? WILATU 3.0 will be much more like WILATU 1.0 - more focus on creative content, less focus on social networking. In simple terms I will be striving for quality content over frequency. Additionally comments on other blogs will be scarce, and follow up comments on this blog will not be automatic. Though I will miss my stock reply, "What an astute observation. I have no witty rejoinder for this." Oh, and probably a lot more curse words in general. I will also no longer be holding back on phrases like, "at this point, I have stopped trying to not talk to myself" for fear they may make me seem too depressing or perhaps a bit crazy. Who am I kidding here, right?

I hope no one is actually pissed. I just want my blog back. And if that means I lose some readership, that is that price I will pay. Namaste.


GETkristiLOVE said...

Believe me now when I say that I am even more turned on than before.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you really are more evil. But I'm catholic....bring it on.

Dr.evil said...

Yawn.... I'm still more evil...................

McGone said...

How DARE you?!

eh. I'm over it already. Congratulations on taking control of your blog. I shall see how it goes and possibly even learn from you, Oh Wise Evil (Evil) Genius.

BeckEye said...

Eh, big deal. I think you linked to me before but you never actually read my blog.

SkylersDad said...

I really didn't notice any difference till you pointed it out...

Dale said...

You evil evil genius you! Merry Christmas. Love, the Brown Nosed Reindeer.

pistols at dawn said...

I always love this idea of "I'm taking MY blog back and saying whatever I want." What, the 37 readers are going to be totally offended by occasional cursing? Previously, you were writing in a style befitting the tech writer of copier guides?

Still, I'm all for anything that's more evil.

Hot Lemon said...

goddam, you ARE evil!!

I've decided WILAtU is gin n' tonics. I think the'll get me thru ☧-mas

Lucidiocy said...

Somehow your sexiness level has just skyrocketed

Tamar swoons~

Lucidiocy said...

oh, wait, I'm not swooning, some idiot just had the thermostat set to 90.

minijonb said...

will it really be WILATU 3.0, or more like a bug fix and then WILATU 2.1 or maybe 2.5?

have a great holiday.

Leonesse said...

Where's the fancy packaging with the "30% More EVIL" and "New and Improved!" on it.

Evil Evil Genius said...

Kristi & Tamar,

It is comforting to know that I am attractive to women in committed relationships several time zones away.


Spectacles, testicles, wallet and watch.

Dr. Evil,

I'm not even trying anymore. You win.


What an astute observation. I have no witty rejoinder for this.


Ummm...yeah. Guilty.


Yeah I guess not much has changed.


Aww shucks. That was sweet. Thanks! (At least someone is making progress toward getting his link back.)


Sometimes it is like looking in a mirror. Ironically a slightly more evil mirror. Maybe you should be competing with Dr. Evil.

Hot Lemon,

I am going with Seagrams VO with a splash of ginger ale. It's what's available, but it is working.


It is barely even a patch, but marketing wanted a big to-do for the release.


I got that cool rock and roll astronaut banner on the left. What more do you want?


Flannery Alden said...

I'll commence with the ass kissing with AssKiss 1.0 and I'll never take off my Evil Genius Tee.

Power to the people!

Splotchy said...

Which way to the asskissery?

Evil Evil Genius said...


That is what I am talking about! You are way out in front.


I know all the WILATU generated traffic has been the driving force behind the iSplotchy sales. I want to be the proprietary carrier for the iSplotchy phone service.


Grant Miller said...

I'm lurking for love in all the wrong places.

pezda said...

Evil rocks! But can he roll?

Blowing Shit Up With Gas said...

Wow, you did get more evil while I was away! I suppose congratulations are in order. Here's to a significantly more evil 2008!

Doc said...

I, for one, am not the slightest bit offended. I love the thought of you lurking about the fringes of my blog and watching for a chance to spread some evil. Take back your blog and let the weak fall to the wayside. Right On!